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The aga khan university jobs, Management Engineer jobs 30 may 2010

The aga khan university invites application for the following positions Professor / associate professor physiology department of biological and biomedical science MBBS required with relevant experience 5-10 years of experience Management Engineer bachelor or master degree in engineer with 4 years of experience for further details and applications procedure please visit www.aku.edu

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Google Founders Sell Shares 10 Million

Google Founders Sell Shares 10 Million friendsmania.net 36 -year old founders of the giant search engine Google are planning to sell five million shares each within the next five years. The sale would give each founder 2.75 billion dollars.google-founders Lawrence “Larry” Page (Products President) and Sergen Brin (Technology President) will retain 47.7 million shares after the sale. This will be …

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Bahria Orchard Lahore Awami Villas

Asia’s largest real estate developer Bahria Town is initiated another low cost residential scheme as Bahria Orchard in Lahore. Earlier Bahria Town introduced “Awamai villas” in Rawalpindi which was also a low cost residential scheme. Like other projects, Bahria Orchard is also fully packed with green spots, parks, monuments, fountains, gardens, lawns, wide roads and other civic amenities. Located at …

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PIA Offering discounts despite losses

PIA Offering discounts despite losses Friendsmania.net PIA is a public sector organisation and for the sake of national interest and as a gesture of goodwill, it offers lo priceds tickets of diplomats of friendly countries, mr sultan said pia he said regularly received directives from the ministres of defence and foregin affairs to offer tickets on concession which we have …

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STOCK EXCHANGE PAKISTAN, Pakistan Stock Market Friendsmania.net report Asalam aliequm friends Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited (colloquially known as the Karachi Stock Exchange) is the largest stock exchange in Pakistan. It is located in Karachi, which is Pakistan’s largest city and commercial hub. STOCK EXCHANGe HISTORY Karachi Stock Exchange is the biggest and most liquid exchange in Pakistan. In 2002, it …

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Banks of Pakistan on Online Advertisements 2010 report

Banks of Pakistan on Online Advertisements 2010 report Banks of Pakistan have been quite popular in the print and media advertisement. Time and again we come across their brands in various shapes. Be it sponsorship, brand ambassadors or some other service they are offering. But making their online presence feel is something new from this sector. Friendsmania.net report Pakistani Banks …

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