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Democracy pakistan pml n chief nawaz sharif said

Pakistan Pro News PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has said that democracy is impossible sans reformation and pledged to foil any conspiracy being hatched in this regard. During a joint conference with Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah, Nawaz termed PPP as a national asset, and attributed the current situation to dictatorship. “It is our duty to address all the prevailing …

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Dawn Education Expo, Education 2010 Expo

Education Expo, Education 2010 Asalam aliequm Friends Higher Education Worth the effort .. School college and university not as simple as it sounds .. for the path to higher education in pakistan and the rest of south asia is wrought with hurdles a gender and cultural issue one may think yes to a certain extent , but other factors such …

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Case of Dr-Aafia Siddiqui Story

Case of Dr-Aafia Siddiqui Story Story of Lies and Deceptions by Americans Friendsmania.net We have regularly covered Dr. Aafia case here at Pro-Pakistan (Link 1, Link 2). We have highlighted the injustices done to her and her family by the Americans in a total one sided trial. However, the current article is just another effort to share with our readers …

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Women Commissioned Officers, Pakistan Army

Women Commissioned Officers, Pakistan Army by Owais Ehsan on October 1, 2009 After bringing you how to join Pakistan Army for men, Its time to focus on Women and how they will be able to join Pakistan Army as commission officers; 1. Applications are invited of female candidates in the fields of Instructional/Staff Appointments for Grant of Direct Short Service …

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Pakistan Mard e Mujahid

Pakistan Mard e Mujahid Friendsmania.net report Asalam aliequm how are you I remember reading about Allama Iqbals’s work, back when I was in class 7. How he managed to rouse a sleeping nation with his words. He might not have lobbied with officials and politicians as much as the others, but his words and sonnets penetrated the dormant desire of …

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Pakistani’s Not Allowed at Chinese Restaurant Islamabad

Pakistani’s Not Allowed at Chinese Restaurant Islamabad PAKISTANIS NOT ALLOWED (Letter written to the Editor at Dawn/The News) On January 5th 2010, Tuesday night a group of five of us; two ladies and their respective husbands along with another family friend decided to try out this Chinese restaurant called “At Home” located in Islamabad, F-8-1, Street 30, House 12-A. As …

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