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Daanish Schools Jobs, Faculty, Doctor, Dispenser,

Daanish Schools Jobs, Faculty, Doctor, Dispenser, Counselling Officer, Librarian, Accountant, Matron, Admin Staff
Daanish Schools Jobs, Faculty, Doctor, Dispenser, Counselling Officer, Librarian, Accountant, Matron, Admin Staff



Provision of high quality cduauion it being stoned from Class six to the bqyr and girls in new resident school in Doamsh School for Boys & Girls Jand sprcadcd over 200 acres of land having stale of the art attractive buildings, sports grounds and open cum puses. Join these schools as tcachcrrteacheress. Submit your application on plain paper along with CV and relevant attested educational certificates and cxpcriencc certificate and domicile certificates upto 25th August 2011 in the DCO Office Attock or DMO Office Attock.

QU^HeATlQNj^    ,

Teachcrst male & female) ore required for following subjects who have M.AVMScdst Division) or equivalent qualification in relevani subject. Apology from those having less qualification:

I. Mathcmalic (l + l) 2. Science icachcr (MSc Physics. Chcnrotry. Botany or Zology) (l+l) 3. Islnmiyat 1l+l)4. Urdu (l+l) 5. Computer Science (l+l) 6. Social Suidies (MA History. Pakistan Studies, Political Science or Geography)<14-1)7. English (M A English 2nd divisioa arc also eligible to apply) (l + l) 8. Physical Education Instructor (MA Physical Education) (l + l). V. Art Teuchcr(GKidu.i(c from National College of Aits. Lahore or M.F.A. from Punjab University) (l+l)
Sr Nan* of    No. of    Academic    FsperirtK*    Ajr l.lmil    Monthly
• Past    Posts    Qualification        on closing    Salary
12 Driver (1)    2 Male    Literate and    5 yan ananr 25-35        RsHOOV-
for the        having LTV/    m Gott/Sem
Ccuucr (1)        IfTV Driving    Gwcfl^mae
for Van        License    iipn/Oxn
13 Plumber    2 Male    Maine with one    5 years    20-35    RvlOCKXV-
year cemficaie    etpeircnce at
of Plumber    plumber
14 NaihQasid    (6)    Matrk    Experience ham    J 18-35    Ki 7000
3 Male        will be psen
, 3.r«mlc  If l«H . k.11.1,            preference
u.iWiw^ MMIMHI  L W * tale            will be fivco
.8 female        ivcfciiutc
16 Mead Cool    1 Mate    Literate    10 years espen-    30-45    R. tWOf-
i Female
17 londoorehi    (•*)    Literate prefer-    2 Year    20-35    Rs.8000/-
2 Mate    ably    Experience
2 Female        preferable
18 Assistant    (4)    1 .iterate prefer-    Experience    20-35    R»700(V-
Coc4    2 Male    ably    Preferable
2 Femak
19 Dish    (4)    Literate prefer    Eipneace    20-30    Ks.7000/-
Washer    2 Male    ably    Preferable
2 Female
20 Hot*)    (4)    Maine with    Esperetnoe    20-35    RsWOfV-
BoyV Girls    2 Male    Science    Preferable
2 Female
21 Mali    (12)    Middle    Expereincc    3035    Rs-TOOCV-
22 Security    20 Male    Middle with    Ex. ScrvKcmao    25-35    Rvvouy.
Guard        Arms License    (torn rcputaNfc

Sccunty Agent >
* (M.Ed/B.Ed) will be an additional qualificatiooal degree. * Additional marks will be given for teaching experience. ‘Salary of all teachers will be Rs:25000/- per month. ‘Salary of Physical Instructor will be Rs:20.00(V-pcr month. • Age limit for teachers will be from 25 to 35 years. • Free residence will be provided to all teachers. ‘Ability to speak english fluently, best writing ability, good interpersonal communication skills and awareness of computer literacy in own discipline is must. If you fulfill all conditions, then must submit application

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