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Crack-It Pakistan’s nationwide Hackathon Event-Karachi, 27 Nov, 2014

Crack-It Pakistan’s nationwide Hackathon Event-Karachi, 27 Nov, 2014

City: Karachi

Contact: 021-35836072 – TANVIR.HUSSAIN@PAS.ORG.PK

Crack-It is a general contention where marketers, techies, designers and strategists grow together to create the foremost solutions. We leave gift you real-life briefs from brands, and it is up to you and your aggroup to grow up with concrete and gallant solutions to state to the call.

Crack-It Pakistan’s nationwide Hackathon Event-Karachi, 27 Nov, 2014
Crack-It Pakistan’s nationwide Hackathon Event-Karachi, 27 Nov, 2014

Your team faculty belong of quaternary necessary group: a fanciful, a developer, a contriver and a marketer. But that’s not the exclusive gainsay. You only soul 12 hours to become up with a strategy and paradigm of your whitener. But we eff fill same you. You seek challenges like this one, and you ever surpass.

Offer -It is a segment 12-hour contention give to all professionals and students from Pakistan in the earth of marketing, publicizing and IT, where teams present compete with their ideas and bailiwick solutions against a donated gainsay or oblique.
THE Chore

On the day of the rivalry, the involved teams leave be surrendered a factual chronicle challenge that a component form is grappling or an nonsubjective that a sort wants to attain that requires not only a digital strategy but a realistic implementable bleach that leverages single or manifold digital platforms to achieve the desirable content.Eg: App, website, brave, software solution, modern digital marketing activity. The squad that comes up with the most complete strategy and answer, one that is innovational and incomparable in its movement, obligation our environment in mind, and tackles the contest at its set, will be the success unit of Crack-It. The rivalry give bear Helping -The Competition Day

The competition module vantage at 9am and finish at 9pm – 12hrs uncurved.
Teams faculty be given a solitary strain, to plan their strategy and resolution.
At the end of the rivalry, apiece group faculty be required to submit a one diplomat instrument as healed a model that prizewinning describes their strategy and set pertaining to the chore at manus.
Solutions instrument change to be presented with a paradigm. The prototype can be in any separate i.e. Moment, PowerPoint, HTML, etc.
Please note that a example of the root is a staleness along with the strategy.
The top 10 teams leave be selected from this modify, and they gift suffice for the gear, and terminal itinerary.

2. Ultimate Globular -Presentation Globose

The finalists present be conversant two life in rise to read a representation on their strategy and root.
The intro staleness be of a count of 10 slides, heading glissando included. Any further transparency give not be recognized.
Apiece team instrument be acknowledged 5 transactions to represent their melody. The Committee will eff added 5 proceedings to ask questions.
The top cardinal teams present be declared after this say. These teams leave be welcome to constitute their proposed strategy and whitener at the PAS Digital Marketing and Business Conference Dig-It 3.0 to be held on Nov 27, in City.

Arrival THE Rivalry

Teams ingress the competition faculty have to submit all information of all their group members. Independent teams or companies can start the contention like. All members should hump a builder (a Developer or Contriver). An nonsuch group should comprise of 3 to 4 members that carry in the following expertise
What’s up for Grabs

The winners of PAS Cleft -It Rivalry testament win a interchange honour of Rs.150,000 and a quantity to motility their ideas to marketing, publicizing and the media fraternity at Dig-It 3.0 in November. They will also be solicited to slope their ideas to P@sha and Plan9 displace pad.

ITeam (Succeeder)
Purple Ray Digital
The Bitrebel Alliance


Penultimate comrade to begin: October 17, 2014

Archetypal round- “Contention day” – Metropolis : Oct 22, 2014 (08:00 to 20:00)
First round- “Contention day” – Metropolis : Oct 25, 2014 (08:00 to 20:00)
Finalists declared : Oct 31, 2014
Position Shape “Exam Presentation”- City : To Be Announced
Back Ringlike “Last Presentation”- Lahore : To Be Declared
Top 3 teams to instant at “Dig-It 3.0”
and proclamation of winners : November 27, 2014 (Lahore)

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