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Farida Hasan Eid ul Adha Dresses Collection 2016-17

Farida Hasan Eid ul Adha Dresses Collection 2016-17

Farida Hasan, on the 9th of September is scheduled for exhibition in Karachi. The women we stock, ready to grab your free time, you know you’re fast running out. Pratt, luxury with a range of up to buy the rest of Pratt and formals, we will be spoiled for choice can assure you. You’re sure to find a choice selection of the very bright color pops and trendy cuts and silhouettes in the making of fresh pastels.

Flares, peplums and cold shoulders are skillfully ornamented with elegant pearl embroideries and embellishments. We love how they incorporated including a bit more personality to piece Farida beautiful textured fabrics, beautiful piece. We have our eyes on pearl and white paired with voluminous flares finished off with complex white hands, cold shoulder short shirt. Some bright stilettos and pair it with a cute clutch for a complete look. Elegant and chic all Farida Hasan a- you can go wrong with this festival.

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