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List of Top 10 Pakistani Big Fashion Designer Name and Collection

List of Top 10 Pakistani Big Fashion Designer Name and Collection

Pakistani fashion is the way to represent the culture of Pakistan in the easiest and convenient manner, there are lots of fashion designers who are working to promote the fashion of Pakistan as well as developing the sense of fashion in their own way. Someone emphasises on Balochi culture while some focus on Sindhi culture other shows interest in Punjabi and Pathan culture and so on. This new era of fashion attracts people towards itself and the demand of branded designer oriented clothes increases.

1. Bonanza


Bonanza is the name of clothing brand which are specialized in men’s, women’s and children clothing either for summer design or for winter. The brand has own style for clothing and it is very popular among the people.

2. Gul Ahmed


Gul Ahmed, one of the most leading and famous brand in the list of women’s clothing it has been working for many years to produce best women’s clothing design and it is also very famous brand among women’s. Recently few years ago Gul Ahmed comes up with men’s clothing line also. Gul Ahmed offers to women to shop for Eid 2013 and also can have via theirs sub-campaign Ideas.

3. Junaid Jamshed


Junaid Jamshed, you also known this brand as a symbol of “JJ” this is specialized in men’s clothing, but on the other side this brand has also women’s clothing line too. This brand has not a bulk of design in his outlet, it has very few but unique and most attractive design as compared to other. The brand offers you to shop for all ages and genders in one place.

4. Sana Safinaz


Sana Safinaz are the two innovative designers behind the name of this brand. They mainly focus on ladies clothing and now this brand is the most successful brand in the list of ladies clothing. They always try to promote eastern touch in their designs. You can check out Sana Safinaz lawn collection 2013.

5. Satya Paul


Satya Paul is a very famous fashion designer in the industry of Pakistan. He started his career in the year of 1985. The inspiration of its design mostly comes from the beautiful world. He is very famous for his ethnic saris design in the fashion market.

6. Maria B


Maris belal is also known as with her nick name Maria B. She is one of the best designers who not only rock the world of Pakistan but as well as the ramp of Paris, Milan, Italy and many others. She is the pride for Pakistan.

7. Al Karam


Al karam is the ladies clothing brand who are working to promote the latest fashion since 25 years. The main aim of this brand is to provide ethnic and stylish ladies clothing series to make women’s beautiful in their own cultural looks.

8. Bareeze


Bareeze is also the well known clothing brand of Pakistan. This brand is also specialized in men’s as well as women’s clothing, it is always launching its new series so that every people get connected with this brand all the time.

9. Asim Jofa


Asim Jofa is a very well known name in the Jewellery designer. He very much famous for his jewellery design he took his degree from United States of America. Later on while working in the fashion industry of Pakistan he started his clothing series for women and men’s and now he is also very successful in the market.

10. Khaadi


There are very less people who exactly know the name of Khaadi brand owner name, his name is Shamoon Sultan who started this brand in the year of 1998. This has lots of unique and stylish design it has own in house dyeing unit and is a very reliable designer brand in Pakistan.

11. Deepak Perwani


Deepak Perwani was born in 1974 in a Hindu Sindhi community. Deepak Perwani is very much famous for men’s clothing. He is also very much famous for working hard day and night in establishing a gentle fashion status for men’s.

12. Nomi Ansari


Nomi Ansari needs no introduction as he is the shining star and fashion designer of Pakistan. He completed his graduation in 2001 and working in maintaining his own fashion status. Now he is established and very well known in producing many dresses like formal, party wear, saris and many others.

13. Sania Maskatiya


Sania Maskatiya was working since 2007 just after completed her graduation she started working for his own brand. In the magazine of 2010 she was listed among top 10 fresh faces of Pakistan also. She is pretty and her designing sense makes her unique also.

14. Kayseria


Kayseria is a very popular brand of Pakistan in the category of Art and design. The printing and unique arts and experiment on clothes in the form of print is the passion of Kayseria. The design of Kayseria reflects the culture of Pakistan.

15. Umar Sayeed


Umar sayeed name required no introduction; it is the living legend of Pakistan fashion industry. It will not correct to say that Umar sayeed makes clothes and make the image of person wearing it. He is an amazing designer in Pakistan.

16. Nishat


Nishat has founded in 1951 as a Nishat mills Pvt. Ltd but now the time changes and this brand has earn a respectable importance throughout the world. It has latest fashion series of Nishat linen, Nishat lawn and many others. It has also its processing plant for clothes manufacturing.

17. Leisure Club


Leisure club was founded 15 years back in 1997. When a group of one brother and two sisters realized that a brand which provide best apparel throughout the world were originated from Pakistan. Now after a hard work this dream achieved by the true designer of Pakistan.

18. Zahra Ahmed


The name of Zahra Ahmed arrived in the fashion industry f Pakistan in 1994; she is specialized in Mehndi couture and Bridal couture. This is very impressive and hard to work in some really remarkable sector and gain the fame also.

19. Firdous


Firdous has been working since three generation as a Firdous Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. Now this textile mills has earn an importance by producing one of the finest clothing series in the fashion industry of Pakistan.

20. Tabassum Mughal


Tabssum Mughal is an outstanding designer in the fashion industry of Pakistan, she has all the guts to play with colours and design to make unique and attractive outfits. She has global identity and her outlet is also in USA, UK and in Middle East.

21. Shariq Textiles


Shariq textile is very much famous in producing attractive and unique prints. This brand has recently working with some great designer to produce more attractive and unique clothing series.

22. Chenone


The Chenone has started their work since 1997. The founder of Chenone name is Mian Mohammad latif, now this brand is one of the most successful brands in the fashion outlet of Pakistan. The outlet of Chenone is available all around in Pakistan and in abroad also.
23. Ammar Belal


Ammar Belal is a very well known fashion designer of Pakistan. He is the son of the textile industry owner Khuwaja belal. He started his career few years ago. Now he is one of the most successful designers of Pakistan.

24. Bunto Kazmi


Bunto Kazmi is a very prominent and best fashion designer in the industry of Pakistan. She has do lot of work in order to make the culture of Pakistan prominent globally. Her best series is ladies and bridal wear.

25. Lajwanti


Pakistan fashion industry is the height of success jut because of these popular brands. Lajwanti is the prominent name in the industry of fashion. It has a special collection of party wear to formal wear with a more than 100 variety of shoes.

26. Zainab Sajid


Among the most successful and best fashion designer zainab sajid name is one of them. She is serving to the fashion industry of Pakistan for many years. The aim of Zainab sajid is to provide elegant and glamorous design which reflects the eastern looks.

27. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin


The name of Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is very well known with a nick of HSY. Every fashion oriented person is very well known by the name of HSY. He started his career in 1994, he work as a fashion designer as well as choreographer for the fashion industry of Pakistan.

28. Nilofer Shahid


Nilofer shahid is also very famous fashion designer of Pakistan. She attained much fame just because of its unique and innovative design. The fashion industry also gave tribute as the title of Express Runway of the ramp of Pakistan industry.

29. Nida Azwer


Nida Azwer has started her career in the year of 2005. She passed her graduation from Indus Valley school of Arts. Now she is leading the market with her latest and stylish outfits which attract people towards it.

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