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Rozina Munib Bridal Zindagi Kay Rung Collection at FPW 2016-17

Rozina Munib Bridal Zindagi Kay Rung Collection at FPW 2016-17

The combination of his bride on the latest Rung “in the” Zindagi Kay, fashion with a range of ensembles of modern woman will be put Pakistan on the third day of the week. Rozina Munib is a passionate designer with glory wear and ability to glide easily between smart contemporary Pret’s tempting to wear.

She has a keen eye for color collection combining modern and classical drapes. Crafts showcase its excellence, this collection consists of intricate embroidered floral motifs and feathered design. Rich spices color focus combinations- with such an outstanding multi-colors to soft pastels with 14 different series to create three-dimensional combination of the bride, is an exploration of natural hues. Soft pastel colors with a special combination we create a delicate silver and red, like blush pink embellished with random numbers and pearls. Using the best French lame fabric in gorgeous outfits, the designer has created timeless pieces with high quality materials. Another favorite is the white peplum style gold and adorned with traditional details and modern silhouette ensemble- a tendency to bond with bell bottoms Oh. Rozina Fashion Pakistan Muneeb certainly a name to watch out for the weekend.

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