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Sapphire Luxe Eid ul Adha Collection 2016-17

Sapphire Luxe Eid ul Adha Collection 2016-17

Sapphire, with their beautiful collection continues to blow our minds Luxe range of feast again stole our hearts and you must be the one to fashionista’s. A color cake lush greens, purples and yellows, rich silks and fabric schema are styled in the clean cuts and simple silhouettes. Pieces of the shirt with a beautiful and strong appeal, containing light floral and geometric prints with pops of tassels and pearls.

Deluxe dupattas and bold floral patterns are striking visual contrast with a balanced combination to perform. After each pair has its own charm. We really can not pick a favorite. Women If you are looking to you to make sure the festival a graceful and refined style, know where to shop.

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