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Oct 222013

Shariq Textiles Winter Lawn 2013-2014 Digital Prints Dresses
Shariq Textiles Winter Lawn 2013 2014 Digital Prints Dresses Fashion

Digital prints are a fashion style these life and numerous women are opting for them. Thus, we are perception lots of textile companies gift digital prints. Shariq Textiles is among the general companies for textiles these days. A lot of women opt to variety metropolis snazzy dresses with its fabrics. It has free specializer fabrics as fortunate as simplex printed fabrics both for all seasons in the erstwhile. Its accomplishment of individual spectacular collections in the agone has prefab it quite nonclassical among women in Pakistan. You can easily get the fabrics of Shariq Textiles. The fabrics of the consort can be bought from fabric stores broad. Continue reading »

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May 132013

Firdous Men Women Summer Wear Collection 2013
Firdous Men Women Summer Wear Collection 2013 Fashion
Firdous Cloth Architect was supported in 1970. Since then, it has been providing textile of fantabulous propertied. Over the age, it has prefab its situation in the make and textile industry of Pakistan. Its stylish dresses of women are famous all over Pakistan. Its fabrics allow simple printed ones and embroidered ones both. Isolated from this, Firdous Textile Mills offers superb situation and bags as fine as bag textiles. Freshly, we saw Firdous Artifact Designer at PFDC Sunsilk Pattern Week 2013. The clothes of Firdous Cloth Architect are easy through its stores in divers cities in Pakistan. The fabrics provided by it are usable finished Pakistan’s directing structure stores settled in opposite cities. Continue reading »

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Apr 072013

Lala Dahlia Lawn 2013 Summer Prints Collection
Lala Dahlia Lawn 2013 Summer Prints Collection Fashion
Lala is among the well-known firms for fabrics in Pakistan. It has been providing textiles and fabrics since the last several years. It provides new fabulous collections of fabrics every few days. For example, a few days back, it introduced its brocade collection. The collections are usually provided with the brand names of Lala’s various retail brands. The dresses offered by various retail brands of Lala like Sana and Samia, La Femme and Kesa have different types of designs. It provides both simple printed fabrics and premium embroidered fabrics. The dresses of Lala are available at different fabric stores across the nation. Continue reading »

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Feb 252013

Fairys Summer 2013 Casuals Outfits Dresses By FJ


Fairys Summer 2013 Casuals Outfits Dresses By FJ  Fashion
Fairys By FJ newest spring casual fatigue Dresses 2013 For Women 05Fairys by FJ call that speaks about its group by the simple recite. It brings you a ample arrange of social cuts and colors. It is renowned to be the brand that has evolved the fashion of victimize shirts equal never before. Fairys started out untimely this month and since then, there has been a huge evolution in the forge discernment of Pakistan.
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Jan 192013
Long Kurti Craze 2013  Long Dresses Fashion Clothing 2013 (8)

Long Kurti Craze 2013 | Long Dresses Fashion Clothing 2013

Long Kurti Craze 2013 | Long Dresses Fashion Clothing 2013 Fashion

South Asian clothing fashion in a shift change, everything is being modified, creativity class and classics have been installing through latest technological and creative means. So, there is superb atmosphere everywhere, lots of nice things are available to see with class and comfort. Everybody seems in a fashion craze. I would like to explain the reasons of this paradigm shift in South Asian fashion industry trends especially in India and Pakistan. Globalization and media has played remarkable role in this shift. The shift is not only observed in fashion industry but the culture, norms and occasions also have changed. Shalwar kameez is being considered the most simple and widely used dress in India and Pakistan. Continue reading »

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