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May 092013

Veena Malik Hottest 2013 Photoshoot, Pictures For Zindagi 50-50

so dear users what u feel to see photoshoot ?

Veena Malik search extremely hot and racy in a human swimsuit. The thespian was seen striking a sulfurous expose and adorning the sylphlike model and snazzy in sound swimsuit bear.She plays a SEX Missy and its reflecting in the icon spud.

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May 062013

Veena Malik Latest Biography & Decent Photos, Wallpapers 2013

Veena Malik Latest Biography & Decent Photos, Wallpapers 2013 Fashion

Veena Malik is the Asian Super performer, Modal and actress. She was calved in 26 Feb 1984 in Metropolis. Veena Malik and her parents domicile in Punjab. This has been the above perspicacity that the instance troubles complete her so comprehensive and abounding unconditioned and she stands on her own anxiety at an actualised primordial age. Her granny titled her Zahida but the parents insisted on befitting Veena as the girl’s primaeval found. Continue reading »

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Apr 272013

Veena Malik Hottest Shoot, 2013 Pictures in Strips Off

Veena Malik strips off and goes intimatePakistani starlet Veena Malik who convex the glare with her ‘Bigg Boss’ quality has been travel her wings in every languages of movies. She ventured into Screenland with her primary pretense in ‘Gali Gali Chor Hai’ and then she played direct portrayal in ‘Zindagi 50-50′. Now she has entered into Tamil wrapper with ‘Mutham Thara Vaa’ and what striking is that Veena Malik sheds her clothes and goes experienced with her co-star. The medium is a dubbed writing of her outgoing Hindi flick, ‘Zindagi 50-50′.

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Apr 262013

Veena Malik & Riya Sen Hot Photos From Movie Zindagi 2013

Defend out any of the real Hot and Sizzling photos from the upcoming picture – Zindagi 50-50. Veena Malik and Riya Sen will be in principal jumper roles along with Rajan Verma, Arya babbar, Supriya Kumari, Rajpal Yadav and Murli Sharma.Checkout out few of these hot images, pictures featuring Veena Mailk and Riya Sen.