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Wardha Saleem Winter Regal Bridal Dresses Collection 2016-17

Wardha Saleem Winter Regal Bridal Dresses Collection 2016-17

The Wardha Saleem us fit for a queen, a majestic array of ensembles brings. The collection of the finest fabrics and embellishments detailing is definitely a hit in our books is complicated. A skillful blend of Eastern techniques, ranging from the traditional craft work and fabric manipulation to cut edging. Wardha Saleem capsule with a visually captivating mastered it all.

The stunning range of festive colors like orange, to deep magenta, pink and ivory and blush pops of mint greens. We especially classic entire thread work, with the focus being the fusion silhouettes love with some hand-crafted ornamentation. Designers blended beautifully and matching colors is to create one of a kind pieces, beautiful floral hand with our favorite orange, turquoise, pink and mint green, vibrant multi-colored ensemble featuring bride- a henna decoration being fitted Work done. For the bride who is looking for more subtle glamor, ivory and gold floor length gown is a perfect location. In addition to bright fuchsia pink and blue, white and gold colors to contrast the beauty gives a chic edge. Our hit list and the top star of the show in the deep magenta shirt with paisley and floral motifs, filled gharara paired with a mint green and gold with the royal decoration is finished? Too much. Details and color with a clean design aesthetic, these are truly spectacular and definitely a magnetic Bridals old world charm will emanate.

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