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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO Job Islamabad, IPC Assistant

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO Job Islamabad, IPC Assistant

Under the overall supervision of the FAO Representative in Pakistan and under the direct supervision and guidance of the National IPC Coordinator; the IPC Assistant will be responsible to perform the following tasks and duties.

– Assist in working with the various IPC partners, particularly the national authorities, FAO, WFP, and OCHA, to achieve the IPC implementation process, level of detailed information required, and food security data collection and analysis strategy as detailed in the work plan.
– Assist in preparing guidelines for the selection of beneficiaries for training and analysis workshops and prepare the follow up plan for monitoring and replication of the same at respective provincial, regional and national level.
– Assist IPC Coordinator and Government Departments in capacity building trainings and IPC analysis workshops at institutional level.
– Assist IPC Coordinator in implementation of Integrated Capacity Building and Analysis plan of the project.
– Draft reports and maintain gender segregated data of imparted training/workshops.
– Assist IPC Coordinator in liaising with respective Government line Department for implementation of IPC activities.
– Assist IPC Coordinator in IPC Analysis and data collection.
– Assist IPC Coordinator in day to day IPC activities, coordination, administrative matters, maintaining records/files
– Have knowledge of designing, conducting, monitoring and reporting of events i.e. training and workshops.
– Perform any other associated task assigned by the supervisor.

Key Performance Indicators:
– Preparation and compilation of complete data set of IPC indicators.
– Preparation and compilation of data base of participants/food security experts/government officials.
– Preparation and compilation of IPC training certification data base.
– Maintain record of correspondence with government and other stakeholders.
– Maintain Database of NTWG and PTWG members.
– Maintain database of IPC trainers, analysts and experts.
– Maintain record of worksheets and maps.

Technical Competencies and Experience Requirements:
– 3-5 Years of work experience in agriculture and food security information management and analysis.
– Working knowledge of English and Urdu; knowledge of other languages in Pakistan would be an asset.
– Capability for planning, organizing and administering, on-the-job independent staff Training, sessions.
– Computer literacy and ability to use MS Office, spreadsheets and office automation equipment and software.
– Ability to prepare correspondence, reports and briefs related to project activities.
– Working experience with UN and/or international organizations will be an asset.

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