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1st-First Year Notes | XI Class Notes download 1st Year Notes

1st Year ENGLISH Guess Paper

1st-First Year Notes | XI Class Notes

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Default 1st Year ENGLISH Guess Paper

1st Year ENGLISH Guess Paper



(20 MARKS)


Attempt all questions from this section.

Q.1. Choose the Correct answer for each from the given options.

i. Professor Henry Corrie is a _____________.

* Lawyer

* Judge

* Doctor

ii. Progress is a play that shows progress in _____________.

* Humanities

* Science

* Emotions

* Actions

iii. The real name of the count of Monto Cristo is _____________.

* Fernand Mondigo

* Morrel

* Buchamp

* Edmond Dantes

iv. Mrs. Meldon hates war because of _____________.

* her father's death

* her husband's death

* her son's death

* her daughter's death

v. Albert believed in _____________.

* justice

* revenge

* fighting duels

* forgiveness

vi. Professor Corrie invented a _____________.

* jet fighter

* tank

* submarine

* bomb

vii. My Bank Account is a story of _____________.

* Love

* Adventure

* Heroism

* Humour

viii. U.N day is celevrated every year on _____________.

* 23rd October

* 24th October

* 25th October

* 26th October

ix. _____________ is the cluprit in the story "The Hostile Witness".

* Charlton

* Mr. King

* Mr. Abbot

* Mr. Simon

x. Amalie was another name for _____________.

* Fraulein Sehmidth

* The Baroness

* The Baron

* The write

xi. The lesson "Pakistan Zindabad" throws light on the character of _____________.

* Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

* Allama Iqbal

* Quaid-e-Azam

* British Viceroy

xii. The famous scientist who has been presented as a model in the lesson "Science and Scientist" is _____________.

* Rutherford

* Albert Einstein

* Newton

* Watson

xiii. "As you like it" os written by _____________.

* John Keats

* William Shakespere

* Sir Henry Wotton

* Liegh Hunt

xiv. Lines from Deserted village shows the concept of _____________.

* beauty

* love

* human behaviour

* nature

xv. "I will be sorry for their childness in Toys" is the voice of _____________.

* the poet

* the father

* the mother

* God

xvi. When Naploean saw the injured soldier in the "Incident of French Champ", the poet comperes his feelings with _____________.

* an eagle

* an eaglet

* fire

* snow

xvii. William Wordsworth believes that Lucy Gray has become the part of _____________.

* Nature

* Moor

* Strom

* Life

xviii. In the "Lay of the Last Minstrel", the poet preaches _____________.

* favouritism

* Symbolism

* Mannerism

* Patriotism

xix. He _____________ the work before I got there.

* finishes

* had finished

* will finish

* finishing

xx. "Can you some evidences?", She said can be punctuated as:

* Can you get some evidences, She said

* "Can you get some evidences, She said"

* "Can you get some evidences, She said?"

* "Can you get some evidences?", She said.


(50 MARKS)

NOTE Answer any TEN questions this section. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.2 (i). Why Albert behaves as an emotional young man in the play "The Count's Revenge".


Do you think, "The Count's Revenge" is an emotional play? why?

ii. Who, in you opinion, is the Villain of the play "The Count's Revenge"? Who bring his villainy into general public?


Why did Albert decide not to fight a duel with the Count of Monte Cristo?

iii. How can you say that Mrs. Meldon is justified in killing her brothers?


Prof. Henry Corrie represents the human tendencies of materialism. Justify the statement.

iv. What opinion does Prof. Henry Corrie hold about Women?

v. Why do you think that Birkenhead Drill is the story of Discipline?


Why was there a roar of laughter when the author left the bank?

vi. Who was Eddie and how did he die?


What idea does a casual visitor establish about the character Prof. Corrie?

vii. Why did the Count of Monte Cristo drop the idea of killing Albert in duel?


How did Albert discover that the Count of Monte Cristo was the man who disgraced his factor?

xiii. Why does the writer apply the word "terrible" to the first year of Pakistan's history as an independent state?


Describe the personality of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as explained in the lesson "Pakistan Zindabad"?

ix. What was the real story related to the Castle of Cernogratz according to governess?


What was the behaviour of the author in a bank according to the lesson "My Bank Account".

x. What do people think about Lucy Gray after her tragic death?


Explain in your own words what religious lesson Coventry Patmore drew from the incident of "The Toys"?

xi. What does the writer mean for Scientific attitude of mind?


In what way must new generation be educated?

xii. What were the clues that led to the detection that charlton was the real culprit in the story "The Hostile Witness?

xiii. What are the quelities of a really happy man as mentioned by Sir Henry Wotton in his poem. "The Character of Happy Life".


Describe the intelligent answers given by the poor shepherd to King John in the poem. "The Abbot of Canterbury".

xiv. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions, articles or verbs as the case may be.

Henry gave _____________ taxi driver _____________ note. There was _____________ article about pollution in _____________ paper. The play was _____________ comedy. The bird is _____________ the cage. Rehana is going _____________ the stairs. Shabana is coming _____________ the stairs. Sharah is getting _____________ of the taxi. My friend _____________ the answer of this question (know). We _____________ to Ireland for our holidays last year (go). When I looked round the door, the baby quietly (sleep). My mother _____________ food, she _____________ now (cook).

xv. Match any two idioms in Column "A" and "B" and then use these idioms in your own sentences.


1. To get ............. a. a blue moon

2. To make ........ b. rid off

3. Once in .......... c. the ice

4. To break ........ d. both ends meet

5. To bury ............ e. the hatchet


(30 MARKS)

NOTE Answer any THREE questions from this section. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.3. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper regarding teh frequent break down of electricity in you locality.


Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing how you feel about some of the major problems of the city.


Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your concern over the increasing incidents of mobile snatching in the city.


Write a story based on moral on any ONE of the following.

1. Unity is Strength

2. Greed in Cruse

3. Tit for Tat

4. Pride hath a fall

5. A friend in need is a friend indeed

Q.4. Write a short essay on any ONE of the following topics.

1. Modern Inventions

2. Female Education

3. My Favourite Leisure-time

4. Merits and demerits of Internet

5. Duties of a Student

6. Advantages and Disadvantages of Science

7. A Visit to Historical Place

8. Environmental Pollution

Q.5. Highlights the outstanding features of any ONE of the following characters.

1. Professor Henry Corrie

2. Mrs. Meldon

3. Albert

4. The Count of Monte Cristo

5. The Countness of Morcerf

Q.6. Translate the following sentences into English

محنت وہ تتلی ہے جو کامیابی کے پھول پر بیٹھتی ہے۔

محنت کبھی راءگاں نہیں جاتی۔

محنت کامیابی کی کنجی ہے۔

جو محنت کرتے ہیں انھیں کامیابی ضرور ملتی ہے۔

قاءداعظم نے اپنی شب و روز کی محنت کے نتیجہ میں پاکستان حاصل کیا۔

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