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  2. Model Paper 2017 BISE Mardan 9th Class Annaul Exam Maths
  3. Model Papers 2017 FBISE HSSC Part II 11th Class Science Subjects
  4. Model Papers 2017 BISE Multan Class 10th Geometrical & Technical Drawing
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  7. Model Papers 2017 BISE Mardan 5th Class
  8. Past Paper 2016-17 BISE Multan Board Inter Class Annual Exam
  9. M.A Islamiat Notes, Arabic Language and Literature Notes, Solved Guess old paper
  10. M.A Islamic Studies Notes, Islam and Science Solved Paper, Old Guess Paper
  11. M.A Islamic Studies Notes, Islam and Philosophy Notes
  12. M.A Islamic Studies Notes, Islamiat Part-II Notes, World of Islam
  13. MA Islamic Studies Notes, Solved Past Papers, Islam & Modern Economic
  14. M.A English Nots, Part-II Short Stories Guess Paper, Solved Old Papers
  15. Al-Adabi Al-Deeni Notes, Past Paper MA Arabic
  16. Al-Adab Al-Muqaran Notes, Past Papers, Guess Solved Papers (الادب المقارن)
  17. Al-Adab Al-Islami Notes, Past Papers MA Arabic University of Punjab
  18. M. A Arabia Notes, Al-Adab Al-Arabi Fi-Shibh Al-Qarah Past Guess Papers
  19. University of Punjab MA Arabic Notes, Al-Insha wa Al-Mohadisa Old Past Papers
  20. MA Arabia Part II Notes, Al-Lisaniat Old Past Papers, Solved Guess Paper
  21. MA Arabia Part 1 Notes, Al-Nasar Al-Hadith Past old papers
  22. MA Arabic Part 2 Notes, Al-Nasar Al-Qadim Solved Papers
  23. MA Arabic Notes, Al-Saqafah Al-Arabiah Solved Old Papers
  24. Punjab University MA Arabic Notes, Solved Old Papers Download Al-shair Al-Arabi
  25. Arabic Language and Computer Notes, Solved papers (الغۃ العربیہ و الحاسوب الآلی) Paper V(B)
  26. History Al-Adab Al-Arabi Notes, Solved Papers (ہسٹری الادب العربی)
  27. Manhaj Al-Bahas Wa Al-Tahqeeq Notes, Solved Papers (منھج البحث و التحقیق) Paper IV(A)
  28. Tareekh Al-Islam Notes, Solved old Papers (تاریخ الاسلام) Assignments
  29. Tarjamat Al-Nusoos Bil Lughatain Notes, Solved old Papers (ترجمات النصوص بالغتین)
  30. Tatbeeq Al-Qawaid Al-Arabia Notes, Solved All old Papers (تطبیق القوائد العریبیہ)
  31. Uloom Al-Lisan Notes, Solved Papers (علوم السان) Part 1, II
  32. M.A Arabic Notes, Solved Papers, Assisgnements
  33. University of Sargodha Notes, MA Political Science Notes, Past Paper
  34. Research Methodology Solved Past Paper, Notes, MA Political Science
  35. MA Political Science Notes, public Administration Paper
  36. India Political System Notes, MA Political Science Notes, India Political System
  37. MA Political Science Notes, Political System of France Germany notes
  38. M.A Political Science Part 2 Notes, Solved Papers, Past Papers
  39. M.A Political Science Part-II Notes, Defense and Strategic Studies Paper XVI
  40. F.A F.Sc I.Com English Notes, Intermediate Part 2 Solved Papers
  41. F.A Economics Notes, Solved Papers, Past Papers Part 2 BISE Karachi
  42. F.Sc Computer Science Notes, Intermediate Part 2 Notes, Solved Papers
  43. BISE Karachi FA Intermediate Civics Notes, Past Paper, Solved papers
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  50. B.A History Notes, Past Paper, Old Solved Paper
  51. UOS B.Sc Physics Notes, Old Sample Exam Paper, Past Paper
  52. B.Sc Zoology Notes, Past Paper, Old Exam Papers
  53. 9 class Chemistry Notes, Guess Paper, Past Old papers BISE Karachi Board
  54. 9th Class Computer Science Notes, Guess Paper, Past Paper BISE Karachi
  55. MA Islamic Studies Notes, Past Paper, Guess Paper, Study of Hadith
  56. Taxation Management Notes, Guess paper, Old Past Papers
  57. Punjab University B.A Notes, Health Education Paper Guess Paper
  58. M.Com Part-I Guess Papers, Accounting Decision Making Notes Past Papers
  59. Agriculture Economics Notes, Guess Paper, Past Paper
  60. Advanced Mathematical Economics Notes, Past Paper, Guess Papers
  61. MA Economics Part 2 Notes, Trade Theory Finance Guess Paper, Past Papers
  62. M.A, M.Sc Economics Notes, Guess Paper, Research Methodology Past Papers
  63. MA, MSc Economics - Development Economics Notes, Guess Paper, Past Paper
  64. M.Com Part-II Past Papers, Advanced Accounting Paper VII(II) Notes, Guess Paper
  65. M.Com Business Communication Notes, Guess, Past Papers, Paper IV
  66. M.Com Part-II Notes, Business Law, Company Law, Labour Law Past Papers
  67. M.Com Part 1 Notes, Guess Paper, Computer Applications Past Papers
  68. Punjab University Notes, B.A Pakistan Studies Notes, Guess Paper
  69. MA Islamiat Notes, guess paper Islamic Law Compensation, Deet and Punishment
  70. M.A Islamic Studies, Crime and Punishment Notes, Islamic Law Code 4637
  71. M.A Islamic Studies Notes, Islamic Sharia Notes, Assignments, Code No 4633
  72. Code No 4608 Philosophy, Objectives of Al-Shariyah II Paper 2010-11
  73. Code No 4610 Western Culture, Thoughts in Historical Context Paper
  74. Code No 4613 Uloom-ul-Quran Part-I Paper 2010
  75. Code No 4614 Uloom-ul-Quran Part-II Paper 2010-11
  76. Code No 4617 Fiqh Al-Quran Part-I Paper 2010
  77. Code No 4603 Islamic Movement in Modern Time Notes, Papers 2010-11
  78. Computer Graphics application Notes, Guess paper code 3488
  79. Punjab University Past Papers MA History Notes, Guess Papers
  80. MA history Notes, Guess Paper, Muslim Rule in Spain Paper-II
  81. M.A History Part-II Group-B Notes, Ottoman Empire Paper III
  82. M.A(final).Subject:Fiction.Biography of Virginia Woolf
  83. M.A(final).Subject:fiction:Biography for Tom Jones
  84. M.A (final) subject:FICTION.Biography of Thomas Hardy
  85. M.A (final) subject:FICTION.William Makepeace Thackeray: A Brief Biography
  86. M.A (final) subject:FICTION.Biography of James Joyce
  87. M.A (final) subject:FICTION.Brief history of George Eliot
  88. M.A (final) subject:FICTION.Life history of E(dward) M(organ) Forster
  89. M.A (final) subject:FICTION
  90. AIOU Code No 235 General Mathematics Notes, Assignment Past Papers
  91. AIOU Matric Dars-e-Nizami Islamiat Old Past Papers
  92. Download Master Notes, MA, MSc, MBA, MBBS, ME Notes, Assignments
  93. F.A Islamiat Elective Part 1, 2 Notes, Past Papers
  94. Intermediate FA Islamiat Part 1 Notes, Past Papers
  95. F.Sc ICS Mathematics Part 1 Notes, Past Papers
  96. F.Sc Physics Part 2nd Notes, Past Papers
  97. F.A Punjabi Part 1 Notes, Past Paper BISE FSD
  98. F.A Sociology Part one Notes, Past Paper
  99. Intermediate Urdu Part 1 Notes, FSc Pre Medical Notes, Past Papers
  100. F.Sc Biology Part Two Notes, Past Papers
  101. F.Sc Chemistry Part 2 Notes, Past Papers BISE FSD Board
  102. F.A Civics Part Two Notes, BISE Faisalabad Past Papers
  103. ICS Computer Science Part 2 Notes, Past Papers
  104. F.A Education Part Two Notes, BISE Faisalabad Past Papers
  105. Intermediate F.A English Part Two Notes, Past Papers
  106. F.A Home Economics Part 2 Notes, Past Papers
  107. F.A Islamiat Elective Part 2 Notes, Past Papers BISE Faisalabad
  108. F.Sc ICS Mathematics Part 2 Notes, BISE FSD
  109. Intermediate notes, Past Papers Pakistan Studies Part Two
  110. F.Sc Physics Part 2 Notes, Past Papers BISE FSD
  111. F.A Punjabi Part Two Notes, Past Papers
  112. F.A Sociology Part 2 Notes, BISE FSD Past Papers
  113. F.A Psychology Part 2 Notes, Past Papers
  114. Intermediate Urdu Part 2 Notes, FA Past Papers
  115. F.A Psychology Part 1 Notes BISE Intermediate
  116. M.A Urdu Part 2 Notes, Tanqeed Solved Paper
  117. University of Sargodha M.A Urdu Part II Notes, Urdu Adab in 20th Century
  118. M.A Urdu Part II Notes, Iqbal ka Khusoosi Mutalia Solved Paper
  119. M.A Urdu Part II Notes, Lisaniat solved paper
  120. M.A Urdu Part II Notes, Hali-o-Akbar ki Poetry ka Khusoosi Mutalia
  121. M.A Urdu Notes, Farsi Zaban-o-Adab ka Mutalia Solved paper
  122. M.A Urdu Part 2nd Notes, South Asia mein Muslim Tahzeeb-o-Fiker ka Mutalia
  123. M.A Urdu Part 2 Notes, Usool Tahqeeq-o-Tadween
  124. M.A Urdu Part II notes, Arabic Zaban-o-Adab ka Mutalia
  125. M.A Punjabi Notes, Solved old Past Papers, Assignement thesis
  126. M.A Urdu Notes, Solved Past Papers, old sample papers
  127. M.A History Part II Group-A Notes, Ancient History of India
  128. M.A History Notes, History of Later Mughals (1707-1857 Tareekh Pak-o-Hind)
  129. History of Punjab Notes, M.A History Part II Group-A
  130. M.A History Part 2 Notes, History of Modern Arab World
  131. M.A Political Science Part I Notes, Muslim Political Thought
  132. M.A Political Science Part I Notes, Comparative and Developmental Politics
  133. M.A Political Science Part 1 Notes, International Relations
  134. M.A Political Science Part I Notes, Ideology and Dynamics of Politics in Pakistan
  135. M.A Political Science Part II Notes, Assignments, Comparative Political System
  136. M.A Political Science Part 2 Notes, Study Material Pakistan Movement Paper
  137. M.A Political Science Part II Notes, The Muslim World Dynamics and Issues
  138. M.A Political Science Part II Notes, External Relations of Pakistan
  139. M.A Political Science Notes, Foreign Policy of Major Powers
  140. M.A Political Science Part 2 Notes, International Law Study Material
  141. International Organizations Notes, M.A Political Science Part II Notes
  142. M.A Political Science Part II Notes, Local Self Government in Pakistan
  143. M.A Political Science Notes, Modern Muslim Political model Paper
  144. M.A English Part 1 Notes, Past papers, Classical Poetry Paper 1, 2 Study Material
  145. MA English Part 1, Drama Paper-II Notes Past papers
  146. M.A English Part I Notes, Past papers, Novel Fiction Paper-III
  147. M.A English Part I Notes, Prose Paper-IV
  148. University of Sargodha Notes, M.A English Part I, American Literature Paper V
  149. M.A English Part II Notes, Modern Drama II Paper 2
  150. Poetry-II Paper-I, MA English Part II Model Papers
  151. MA English Part 1, 2 Notes, Short Stories Paper-V
  152. M.A English Part 2, II Notes, Essays Paper-VIII
  153. MA English Part 2 Notes, Literary Criticism Paper-IV
  154. M.A English Notes, Past Papers,
  155. M.A English Part II Notes, Novel-II Paper-III
  156. B.Com Part I Introduction to Business Guess paper 2011
  157. B.Com part I Pakistan Studies Guess paper 2011
  158. B.Com I English Guess paper part 1 2011
  159. B.Com I Accounting Guess paper part 1 2011
  160. B.Com I Economics Guess paper B.com part 1 2011
  161. B.Com Part I Business Math Guess paper Statistics 2011
  162. Part 2 B.Com II Business Communication Guess paper 2011
  163. Part 2 B.Com II Economics of Pakistan Guess paper 2011
  164. part 2 B.Com II Business Law Guess paper 2011
  165. part 1 B.Com I Guess paper Management 2011
  166. B.Com I, part 1 Guess paper Auditing 2011
  167. part 1 B.Com I Guess paper Marketing 2011
  168. part 2 B.Com II Guess paper Computer in Business
  169. B.Com II part 2 Guess papers Principles of Insurance 2011
  170. B.com Part 2 Accounting Guess paper 2011-12
  171. 1st, 2nd Year Economics Guess paper بی اے سال دوم معاشیات ۲۰۱۰ء
  172. Islamic Studies Guess paper بی اے سال دوم اسلامک اسٹڈیز ۲۰۱۰
  173. 9th Class IX Pakistan Studies guess paper (English) 2011
  174. 9th Class IX English Guess paper 2011
  175. IX Computer Studies, Guess paper 9th Class 2011
  176. IX Chemistry Guess paper, 9th Class 2011
  177. IX Biology Guess paper 9th Class Guess paper 2011
  178. Matric X English Guess paper Solved paper 2011
  179. 2011 (اسلامیات (لازمی X Islamiat Compulsory Guess paper
  180. X Physics Guess Paper, Matric 10th class Guess paper 2011
  181. 10th Class Guess paper 2011 Matric Urdu Compulsory Guess paper 2011 (اردو (لازمی X
  182. XI English Guess paper, 1st year English Science Group 2011
  183. XI Chemistry, 1st year Chemistry guess paper 2011
  184. Solved Papers 2011-12 XI Physics, Guess paper of 1st Year Physics
  185. Urdu Islamiat Solved paper, Guess Paper 2011 اسلامیات (لازمی) XI
  186. XI, 1st Year Zoology Guess Paper, Solved Paper 2011
  187. XI Botany, 1st Year Botany Solved Guess Paper 2011
  188. 2011 XI اردو (لازمی) First year Urdu Compulsory 2011-12
  189. XI, 1st Year Computer Science Guess paper solved 2011
  190. XII English, 2nd Year Guess paper Solved 2011
  191. XII FSC Chemistry, 2nd year Guess paper Solved 2011-12
  192. XII 2nd year Botany Solved Guess paper 2011
  193. 2nd year XII Zoology Solved Guess papers 2011
  194. XII Pakistan Studies 2011 Solved Guess papers MCQS Multiple questions
  195. XII Physics Guess paper MCQS Solved 2011-12
  196. Pakistan Study XII 2011 Guess paper solved مطالعہ پاکستان مطالعہ پاکستان
  197. XII Urdu Compulsory 2011 Guess paper Solved Paper