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English Guess paper part 1

B-COM Part 1 Notes, Results

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Default English Guess paper part 1

English Guess paper part 1

Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the question given below.

"Another important factor in the technical efficiency of a country' people. Old countries that have, through many centuries, trained up numerous skilled craftsmen and technicians are better placed to produce wealth, than countries whose workers are largely unskilled. Wealth also produces wealth. As a country becomes wealthier its people have a larger margin for saving and can put their savings into factories and machines, which will help workers to turn out more goods in their working day."

(a). Identify the above passage.

(b). How are skilled craftsmen useful to a country?

(c). What happens when a country becomes wealthier?


"Parallel with such beneficial trends are two which have an adverse effect. One is the use of highly pressure advertising by the pharmaceutical industry, which has tended to influence both patients and doctors and has led to the overuse of drugs generally. The other is the emergence of the sedentary society with its faulty ways of life, lack of exercise over eating insufficient sleep, excessive smoking and drinking."

(a). Identify the above passage.

(b). What has been the adverse effect of advertising?

(c). What are the faulty ways of life of sedentary society?

Q.2. Answer any Two of the following:

(a). In "How to Study" why in the mind compared to a store room and what is the proper way to revise your lesson?

(b). What was "John Hunter's" contribution to surgery?

(c). What did Dr. William Beebe discover when he went down into the sea Bathy sphere at a depth of a quarter of a mile?

(d) What do you know about the "highly organized society" of the Incas?

Q.3. Choose any one option from write down the correct answer:

1. Most medicines that we buy for ourselves are designed to deal with:

* Symptoms only.

* Causes of illness only.

* Symptoms and causes.

* None of the above.

2. A Country's wealth depends upon its:

* Standard of living.

* Transport and entertainment.

* Money.

* Ability to provide goods and services.

3. Lyon knew that they had not been discovered because the man:

* Withdraw his head into his cabin and turned on the light.

* Had a cold and could not see well in the dark.

* Was listening to his friends on the deck.

* Looked down on them.

4. By optimum the writer means:

* The most advisable amount of time to spend working.

* The greatest amount of time available for work.

* The most that can be learnt in a given time.

* The amount of work needed to pass an examination.

5. Why did Geoff hold his camera above his head:

* To film the hereon.

* To give it to the writer.

* To keep it out of the mud.

Section B

Q.4 (a). Fill in the blanks spaces in the following sentences with words in brackets over down, out by:

1. He was wearing a bright blue ________ (pull).

2. As a result of over work he suffered a nervous ________ (break).

3. He says he is going to ________ his smoking (cutt)

4. Much less traffic goes through the town, now that they have built a ________ (pass).

(b). Put the verbs in the brackets in the correct tense:

1. Come in, I (have) a cup of tea. I usually (have) one about this time.

2. They (just run) over a dog on the way here.

3. I (never see) such a mess in may Life.

4. They (go) away by car.

(c). Combine the following pairs of sentences.

1. Her father gave her help. He was a very kind man.

2. She received the letter. She made preparations for the journey.

3. A storm has been forecast. The sailing race was postponed.

4. Who did it? Do you know?

(d). Change the following into Indirect Speech:

1. "How old are you"? the policemen asked me.

2. "Hurry up" he said to his servant do not waste time.

3. He said to John, "Please let me do my work".

4. Shahid told me, "When in Rome do as the Romans do".

5. "Run-a-away, children" said the mother "I have work to do".

(e). Correct any four of the following sentences:

1. Eggs sell dozens.

2. The workers went for strike a month ago.

3. I have taken great pains because of this book.

4. The burglar broke the house in broad day light.

5. He fell by the ladder.

6. I have been waiting for you at morning.

(f). Use any three of the following in sentences of your own to bring out their meaning:

* In a nutshell

* Out of the question

* to fall flat

* To die in harness

* to look down upon

* to fall a prey to

Section C

Q.5. Write a letter to Manager of an Electronics shop complaining about the malfunctioning of the TV bought last month.


Write a letter to the Manager of a Publishing organization asking him about the delay in dispatching the books, through the order was placed last month.

Q.6. Write an essay on any one of the following:

* Importance of English

* My childhood

* Prospects of Commerce Graduate

* Terrorism

* Twenty 20 World Cup 2009

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Default Re: English Guess paper part 1

fantastic sharing

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