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B.Com I English Guess paper part 1 2011

Exam Guess Paper, Solved Papers

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Default B.Com I English Guess paper part 1 2011

B.Com I English Guess paper part 1 2011

Q.1. Unseen Comprehensive Passage

The most effective way I know to improve your writing is to do free writing exercise regularly. At least times a week. They are sometimes called ‘automatic writing’ ‘baddling’ or ‘jabbering’ exercises. The idea is simply to write for ten minutes. Don’t stop for anything. Go quickly without rushing. Never stop to look back to cross something out, to wonder how to spell something to wonder what word or thought to use, or to think about what you are doing if you can’t think of a work the easiest thing is just to put down whatever is your mind. If you get stuck its fine to write “I can’t think what to say. I can’t think what to say. I can’t think what to say” as many time as your want; or repeat the last word you wrote over and over again or repeat the last word you wrote over and over again or any thing else. The only requirement is that you never stop. What happens to free writing exercise is important. It must be a piece of writing which even someone reads it, does not send any ripples back to you. It is like writing something and putting it in a bottle in the sea. Free writing helps you by providing and feedback at all.

NOTE: There are different question in a, b, c, d, e part. Students are advice to prepare this question with the help of reference books and you concern teacher.

Q.2. Write a Summary of the passage given in Question No. 1.

Q.3. Read the following passage extracted from your text book and answer the questions that follow:

The Tripods had been ruled over the earth for more than hundred years. The governed simply and effectively by dominating the minds of men. They capped everyone at the age of fourteen. The caps used by the tripods were meshes of silvery metal fitted over the skull and woven into the flesh of their wears. The capping of child took place at the age of adulthood with a ceremony. They considered it a routing thing.
The story of tripods has been described and explained in detail by the boy who belonged to the tripods in the languages. He was doubtful about the process of capping, when the capping ceremony was being held with his cousin Jack, he became anxious about his own capping ceremony which was being held done the following years after the ceremony of his cousin.
When Ozymandias came to his village, he told the boy a strange story about the tripods. He said that tripods were not the well-wishers of man in fact they were enemies. They ruled over whole planet of earth. Very few people survived on earth found in few places. He also told the boy that he knew such a free man who lived in White Mountains. He asked to boy to join the group who dislike capped men and women. He invited the boy to join him in the journey towards south. Boy’s cousin also went with him. Once they fought with a tripod and killed him with a weapon. After the long journey they reached the White Mountains.


Q.4. Choose the correct answer

For each of the bold words or phrases, two meanings are given. Choose the correct answer.

i. Capping was taken for granted by the young people on earth.

Treated as something ordinary

ii. Feasting and celebration attended the capping.


iii. I had misgivings about the practice of capping.

Trust in

iv. However, I kept silent because no one ever queried the information of capping.

Agreed on
Asked questions about

v. Defying my parents, I spoke to my parents.


vi. He explained that the Tripods were not our benefactors.


vii. He said the Tripods were our oppressor.

Unjust rulers

viii. I agree to journey to the White Mountains while Ozymandias looked for new recruits.

People to work for
People to join him

Q.5. Answer the following Questions.

i. What is one of the changes in behaviour mentioned in the passage that show one is becoming an adult?

ii. Why did no one ever raise the question of whether capping was right or wrong?

iii. How did the tripods dominate the human mind?

iv. In the world ruled over by the Tripods what kinds of people were called vagrants and how they behaved?

v. What do you know about Ozymandias the vagrant?

vi. What had probably caused the ruin of great cities?

vii. Identify the text from which this passage has been taken?

Q.6. Answer any TWO questions from the following

i. What was Mrs. Mallard’s first reaction to the news of her husband’s supposed death?

ii What role did Clovis play in resolving Bertie’s problem? In “Plan of Attack”.

iii. What is the difference in the description between the blind beggar and the insurance salesman?

iv. Why did Lautie invent Charles? What are some of the characteristics of Charles?

v. What sort of life did Mrs. Mallard have in the story “The story of an Hour”? What is the surprise ending of “The story of an Hour”?

vi. Why does Mary name her son Bill? Both experience similar emotions when they met after several years?

Q.7. Grammar

(a) Articles

i. ________ apple ________ day keeps ________ doctor away. (An, a, the)
ii. He has gone to ________ hospital for ________ operation. (The, an)
iii. He is ________ honourable man. (An)
iv. ________ bird can fly very high in ________ sky. (a, the)
v. Space travel has now become ________ reality. (a)

(b) Preposition

i. I come to the university ________ bus. (by)
ii. He is afraid ________ snakes. (of)
iii. The author beings ________ asking four questions. (by)
iv. All science beings ________ the knowledge of our ignorance. (with)
v. I complimented him ________ his success. (on)

(c) Punctuation

androcles who had no arms of any kind now gave himself up for lost what shall i do said he i have no spear or sword not so much of a stick to defend myself with.

(d) Insert Verb

I ________ (walk) along Tariq Road when I ________ (realize) that a man ________ (follow) me. To make sure I ________ (walk) on quickly and turned right, then left and ________ (stop) suddenly at a shop.

(e) Active and Passive Voice

i. Nobody has sued this room for ages.
ii. A car knocked him down.
iii. Has someone posted my letter?
iv. I know the man.
v. We do not allow smoking in the office.

(f) Direct and Indirect

“I do not know where they are going”, he said. “have they finished their work? I asked. “I do not think so”, he replied.

(g) Adverb

At an ________ busy intersection a man’s car ________ stopped.


Q.8. Write an essay on any ONE of the following

i. Impact of Electronic Media on our society
ii. Inflation and its impact
iii. Law and order situation / Terrorism in Pakistan
iv. Load shedding and its impact.

Q.9. Prepare your C.V. and covering letter for the post “Management Trainee” or “Accountant” in a multinational company as a Business Graduate”.


Write a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper expressing your view about Inflation OR Law and order Situation.

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