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Star One Drama Miley Jab Hum Tum Watch online

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Default Star One Drama Miley Jab Hum Tum Watch online

Star One Drama Miley Jab Hum Tum Watch online

Asalam Aliequm

(MOhit Shgal) Samrat the coolest dude in Excel collage

About the character:Our hero of the college. Cool Dude... Fun loving. He is famous because he is good looking as well as he is the top sportsman in the college. He likes to play pranks but he doesn't mean to hurt anybody. Little overconfident Basket ball star who has won many trophies for his college. Girls drool over him.

Samrat's character is one of "MASTI" and not of a "kameena". So very clearly he prides everything he does. he jokes and takes light hearted pot shots but can never be projected as mean. Though he hangs out with Diya but his relationship with Diya isn't a committed one. He likes hanging around with Diya, as she is gorgeous but it is from Diya's perspective a relationship that is meant to happen.

Gunjan (Sanaya Irani) the masoom sensitive girl

About the character: If her elder sister Nupur is like an energetic river, the younger Gunjan is like a still lake. She has a calming effect because of her contemplative nature. Even though the elder Nupur thinks that bachchi, as she calls her fondly, thinks too much. Even if she has to decide which way to take for her new college, she would go through all the pros and cons much to the irritation of the elder one.

She has her own sweet charm. She is shy and reclusive. A studious girl who always came home from school and did her homework before she ate her food. Likes to live a simple non-complicated life. Gunjan was very close to her mother. She oftens misses her and talks to her picture. She doesn't share her feelings about mother with her father or elder sister. Though being a simple and calm character she ends up being with the hottest boy in the college - Samrat.


Mayank (Arjun Bijilani) the serious somber person
About the character: Mayank is a straight and focused academic. He is witty, well read, smart and intelligent and understands that hard work is what is going to help achieve goals for him. He will finally get along with Nupur, a girl completely opposite his character.


Nupur (Rati Pandey) the talkitive and non-stop person

About the character:In small town (Morena), Nupur was like a spark of electricity for the lazy town. Outspoken and extroverted Nupur has the uncanny ability to chat and yap with anyone and any language. According to small town standards atleast, Nupur is a style icon of sorts. She always manages to conjure up ways of standing out of the crowd. she wears little ghungroos on her footwear, carefully matches hairband with an interesting salwar suit. Whatever you may say this girl is a Diva in Morena or atleast she believes that she is!

She has all types of friends from school to college to canteen and net friends. Motto in life: Chin up! In the City, she faces just the opposite of what she experienced in Morena. She finds it really hard to make even acquaintances forget making friends. Her find for a smart, handsome, popular dream man ends on Mayank who is a simple and somber personality.


Diya (Navina Bole) the collage's sweet heart

About her character: She is the Diva in her college. She is the most hot and happening girl in college. Most of the girls are jealous of her and those who are not, they are in her gang. All the boys in the college are just too fascinated by her. She is a trendsetter in looks and carries her clothes with great confidence.

Everyone likes Diya, but she likes Samrat. She hangs around with him most of the time giving others an impression that Samrat is her boy friend but samrat doesn't think like that. This equaton takes a sharp turn when Samrat falls for Gunjan. Diya uses even Uday to get her things done. She has a gang of three chamchas - A,B and C who follow her in every aspect

and last but not least my fav

Uday (Jas karan Singh) the stupidest peson in Excel collage
About the character: Uday is a slow-dumb witted comic relief for the show. He tries to put up this brave exterior, but somewhere inside he is a scary poo. He is actually scared of many things - his sister, cockroaches, Samrat (but doesn't show it), the dark etc. He has all kinds of paraphernalia for exercise. MORE BRAUN - LESS BRAIN.

Diya hates his sweat! His towels! She can be a super bitch even to him. When she gets hollered by the Dad…Uday will be thrilled to bits...maybe roll in laughter on the bed without any sound! Her problem is that at home he is the only soldier she has in this war against Nupur & Gunjan, so she must bear him.

Diya is elder to Uday by a minute and she has always been bullying him. So the first chance he gets to bully someone… he grabs it! That's where Nupur and Gunjan come into the picture. He can put up a front of being a bully but this can at a later stage be shattered bit by bit by the two girls. Diya calls him DODO.

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