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Bakra Mandi 2013-2014 Gaye Mandi Animal Mandi Pictures - Qurbani Bakra

Pakistan Photos, Pictures Gallery, Hot Wallpapers

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Default Bakra Mandi 2013-2014 Gaye Mandi Animal Mandi Pictures - Qurbani Bakra

akra Mandi 2012-2013 Gaye Mandi Animal Mandi Pictures - Qurbani Bakra

This Sunday I made a trip to the “Mandi Maweshia” also known as Bakra Mandi that is being placed in H-11 this year – yes you are right the same ground where last year earthquake affectees were placed.

I don’t know if it’s large place that’s making the number of sacrificial animals lesser than every year or what … but I guess it’s enough to cater the needs of Islooittes.

Just step in the locality and a very familiar “Goaty smell” or as I normally say “the feeling of Bakriat” is what you’ll feel. Don’t worry move on. To be honest, this was the first time after so many years that I actually stepped inside the bakra mandi … face to face with all bakras and dunbas and gayays. So it was interesting too and incidentally I was the only girl in whole Bakra mandi at that time taking portraits of bakras aka goats and stylish “phedoos” aka sheep with utmost tries to stay as far as possible.

Few tips for newbie who may go out to look for animals just for fun with their parents, or maybe friends …. Few terms that are associated with Goats are:

Kheera: It’s the animal that is of 1.5 – 2 years old.

Donda: This animal is of 2+ age and usually have 4 teeth in front.

Choga: This is of around 4 years of age and is considered a bit older with not very good quality meat.

Please correct me if I’m wrong or any additions to this “knowledge-base”

The range of goats (sorry we didn’t asked for Bulls or camel :>) would go from 7K to 20+ for an average to a very good piece. Do take tips on your way to buying a sacrificial animal for differentiating between a healthy and sick animal … and do look thoroughly if the animal is hurt from somewhere.

Have a look at some portraits of Beauties I took …

It’s such a beautiful jauri of Goats … looking with all interest and the white one is even smiling for a picture.

I don't care

The owner of this goat demanded Rs. 18K and the goat seems to know it so it does not really care and eating is all what it wants.

Just a note: Somehow I don’t like using It for such beautiful animals … so don’t correct my He’s and she’s ;-)

Cutoo Sheepy

She looks sleepy … oh how much I wanted to go near it and cuddle it … lolz …!


And Masha’ Allah, isn’t he cute … a sheer beauty … all ready for heavens …!

Camels are here too

Camel camel

OK – since I saw that banner somewhere for a share in sacrifice of camel – I wanted to have a look at this animal in Goat market … and here they are … I took this from a distance as somehow It appeared they were looking at me and the camel in second picture even took few steps further that’s why second shot I took in a bit hurry …!


Yup I’m in love with sheep since my childhood … so another view of them … oh yeah if you are buying a sheep aka Dunba this year and specially chakki waala dunba … please take are of your animal – since someone was telling me that people used to cut the chakkis from live animals …. How painful … eeeeeh … !

It's our Eid - we need to dress up too

Last but not the least – It’s the animals who are kind of Eid ul Adh’aa’s kings and queens so they need a bit of decor too … so here are the right things to serve the purpose ….!

So this was me Live from bakra mandi – here I sign off – with full hopes that Allah swt accept your sacrifices done by following Sunnat e Ibraheemi … and reward you the best – all His mercies and blessings be upon all Muslims and the world overall. Ameen.

Have a nice Eid … !

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