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STA630 - Research Methods 2011-12 Assignment solution

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Default STA630 - Research Methods 2011-12 Assignment solution

STA630 - Research Methods 2011-12 Assignment solution

Purposiveness: The manager has started with a definite aim or purpose for the research.
Rigor: A good theoretical base and a sound methodological design would add rigor to a purposive study.
Testability: The researchers made random selection of employees of the organization and study of the previous research done in the area
Replicability: Replicability is reliability that is assured before making conclusions
Precision and confidence: Researchers have confidence that the research will be succeeded.
Objectivity: The consultants were required to recommend the conclusions drawn through the interpretation of the analysis
Generalizability: Generalizability refers to the scope of applicability of the research finding in one organizational setting to other settings.
Parsimony: simplicity in explaining the phenomena or problems that occur, and in generating solutions for the problems
Hallmarks of scientific investigation:

Following can be said to be hallmarks of scientific investigation:
Purposive ness
Precision and Confidence

Analysis of problem solution:

On looking upon the problem statement, it is extracted that ABC co. is a company dealing with skin care products and have a large number of customers. Due to some inter-organizational problems the company started to lose its customer numbers. So in order to eradicate this problem, CEO hired the consultants to find the reasons and solve the issue. The consultants started their work with systematic approach and conducted surveys and did their job side by side covering all elements of an efficient research. Due to this method, they were supposed to give 90 percent of positive results.
On a critical analysis, both the researchers have worked upon the elements of scientific investigation quite well. They went side by side in equal collaboration with each other, matching the results and emitting the mistakes. They carried out surveys of both customers and employees and then concluded their results on the basis of extracted readings. They carried out the hallmarks of scientific method/research and touched almost every part of it. They were logical and purpose oriented in their approach towards problem solution. They were also careful, exact and to the point in solving the said problem as they omitted any irrelevant material. As they were two researchers working on the same project so it is quite likely to have many times replicate the original experiment. It ensures the working of the said gentlemen trust worthy and confident. They were precise and confident in their findings as they were conducting and going side by side of every solution of the problem. Every step involved in the problem solution was carried out simply and economically.
After all this discussion, it can also be notable that the scientific research can not give you exact results of 100% for your problem. Obviously it will be hard to meet all the hallmarks of scientific investigation but an attempt can be made to get at least near to it

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