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Women Wrestling Women of Wrestling, Talk about the divas of wrestling and post images in this forum.

2012 Women Wrestling WWF, WWE Championship

Women Wrestling

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Default 2012 Women Wrestling WWF, WWE Championship

2012 Women Wrestling WWF, WWE Championship

Women Wrestling
This website showcases the beauty and magic of female wrestling in its various forms. Feel the anticipation before two female pro wrestlers attired in brightly colored shiny lycra leotards and shiny pantyhose clash in the ring, soon to have each other wrapped in various compromising positions and sexy submission holds. Experience the tension as the sweat-soaked bodies of the combatants struggle for supremacy as woman goes against woman in a primordial test of skill and beauty. Learn about the wonderful world of professional women wrestling, get familiar with the squared circle from an altogether much more exciting not to mention aesthetic perspective. Learn about the rules and techniques of other forms of ladiesí wrestling: Freestyle or Olympic women wrestling, Mud wrestling, pantyhose wrestling, competitive mat wrestling, catfighting and more. Meet some of the highly regarded personalities of the sport, learn interesting details about the women wrestling scene from a variety of points of view.

According to most experts, the golden age of womenís wrestling was during the 80s and early 90s. It was then that several women-only leagues were launched and had spectators

glued to their TV screens for quite a few years to come, not only through the action itself but also through the glitzy, glamorous image they promoted. Who could forget the likes of Madusa Miceli (the ultimate expression of skill and dedication in wrestling), Wendy Richter, the Queen of the Ring, Heidi Lee Morgan, Rockin Robin and scores of others. Back in those days, these wrestling women knew how to put on a show. Whenever Sherri Martel strode to the ring in one of her shiny unitards, the air became charged around her with sensuality and a sense of admiration. Magnificent Mimiís truly magnificent frame had spectators gasping for breath, as her in-ring prowess further underscored her awesomeness. These women wrestlers dressed as women, fought as women and thatís exactly why they went down in history as the true cream of women wrestling.

The Amazon Empress vs The Princess Öin the second match of the evening, the experienced and ring-savvy Amazon Empress took on the Pink Princess in a match which turned out to be more of a wrestling lesson than anything else. Clad in shiny black nylon-lycra shorts over black vertical-stripe pantyhose, the Empress enjoyed a handy weight advantage over the Princess, not to mention her superior ring-skills and strength. Wearing a shiny flower-print one-piece bathing suit, with shiny white pantyhose, the Princess looked like the definition of a lamb led to slaughter.

The match began with the Princess launching a desperate attack on the Empress through a series of breast-edge chops and a head-lock which flipped the big wrestlerette to the mat. Infuriated by the onslaught, the Empress soon turned the tide though, and it wasnít long before she had the Princess screaming her submission in a particularly painful-looking STF.

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