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Govt Polytechnic Institute Bhakkar Jobs Opportunities

Govt Polytechnic Institute Bhakkar Jobs Opportunities
Govt Polytechnic Institute Bhakkar Jobs Opportunities

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  1. Posted By Sadia Sheroze, Lahore
    Unregistered mobile sims are being used in criminal and terrorist activities in Bhakkar
    In Bhakkar the criminal activities murders, robberies and animal theft are being done with the help of unregistered mobile sims.
    it was disclosed by district police sources that few months back when a Uphone sim belonged to a franchise was found involved in a murder of a young guy in Bhakkar city.
    When the matter was investigated, police found that a Uphone sim which had no identification /issuing record with company was used in this murder incident.
    By tracking the calls history it was came in to knowledge that the same sim had been used by a person named Imran Bhidwaal, who is one of the owners/partners of a franchise (mobile company branch)
    The story is started in late 2009 when a young guy belonged to a well off family of Vehari district Punjab and a girl set up mobile phone friendship. The girl belonged to an influential political family of Bhakkar city.
    Later on the story uncovered in front of the other family members. In retaliation and grudge a fake friendship plan was planted by the relatives of this girl. They used another girl who trapped this guy in friend ship relations. For communication purpose the unregistered Uphone sim was taken from Bismillah mobiles and used.
    The fake girlfriend invited this guy in her city (Bhakkar). On reaching in the city the unfortunate guy was shot dead by anonymous murderer. After this incident happened the fake girlfriend returned the mobile sim to the franchise owner and Imran Bhidwaal started using it for his own. The Uphone communication record disclosed several other secrets belonged to the same kind of activities in Bhakkar. The police registered an FIR in Thana Sadar Bhakkar against anonymous murderers and their helpers. The procedural investigations to the suspects are in progress.
    Although Bhakkar is situated in Punjab side but there is only a river (Indus) shows a boundary line between Bhakkar and D.I. Khan,( Khyber Pakhtoonkhawah) and there are several crossing points on the Indus River, where folks cross the river through ferryboat service and easily reach to the both provinces within 30 minuts.
    These corridors are also used by terrorists who cross the river and can easily hit the other parts of Punjab. There is not even a single check point of police at these entry points or the surrounding areas of Indus River (called Kuchay ka area) especially on Punjab border side. The writer personally travel through this area but could not find a single police post at any entry point on River bank or in city entry points
    To avoid and eliminate the terrorist activities the PTA authorities have already suspended the mobile phone services in D.I. Khan city but at river banks and its surroundings the mobile signals works strongly and terrorists at both sides of the river can freely communicate and warn their friends on the other side before any unexpected activity of law enforcement agencies. This easy approach between Punjab and Khyber Pakhtoonkhawah for terrorist elements is an eye opening threat to Bhakkar city and south western Punjab that can be targeted by Terrorists and its eradication must be the first priority of law enforcement agencies.

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