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International Labour Organization ILO Job Faisalabad, Project Officer (Project Management)

International Labour Organization ILO Job Faisalabad, Project Officer (Project Management)

General information about the context in which the official will work / background on the project:

The Government of Pakistan is working to improve its competitiveness in the global market and, for this purpose, has ratified a number of global Human Rights treaties and UN Conventions. As a result, in January 2014, the Government was granted GSP-Plus status by European Union, which enables Pakistani industries a duty-free access to European markets. However, maintaining this GSP-Plus status depends on how well the Government of Pakistan implements and reports on the country’s application of 27 UN Conventions, including the eight ILO fundamental Conventions ratified by Pakistan.

Realising the implications of non-compliance for Pakistani textile economy and employment in the sector, the Government of Pakistan has developed an ILS Compliance and Reporting Programme for Pakistan to improve workplace practices in textile industry. The programme will ensure the application of labour laws in Pakistan and continuity of Pakistan’s exports to the global market through active engagement of industry itself. While a major part of this collaboration on Labour Laws Compliance will be funded by ILO through bilateral donors, and the Government of Pakistan, a part of this project will be implemented with financial support of Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA).

Under this arrangement, an ‘ILS Compliance and Reporting (ICAR)’ Unit will be established within the Pakistan Textile Exporters Association Secretariat in Faisalabad. The Position of Project Officer will be pivotal for leading the ICAR Unit and ensuring quality and transparency and impartiality in the work.

1. Reporting Lines:
The position will function under overall supervision of the Country Director and will seek technical backstopping from Senior Program Officer of ILO.

2. Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Project Management:
– Ensure effective management and implementation of the ICAR Unit and work plan through timely and efficient delivery of outputs; monitoring, reporting results, as laid down in the project document, and in accordance with the overall implementation framework of the programme and ILO programme implementation guidelines and administrative and financial procedures.
– Coordinate the work of the staff in ICAR Unit and ensure effective coordination and collaboration between the various project components under the overall supervision of the Senior Programme Officer ILO.
– Represent the project at workshops and seminars and in meetings where designated by the Country Director, organize technical workshops, identify and train partner (s), project staff to assist them in the implementation of activities; monitoring, coordinating backstopping, reporting, and adapting when appropriate.
– Contribute to regular review of progress towards achieving objectives, monitoring of project interventions, evaluations, assessments and documentation of impact, and guide the national counterpart in ensuring agreed objectives, outputs, budgets and time frames;
– Establish and develop continuous public relations with the media in order to increase the impact of the project in line with ILO communication strategy and publicity guidelines.
– Prepare timely periodical and terminal reports of the project implementation;
– Participate in and report to the project steering committee and other necessary platforms, and if necessary make recommendations for changes in the project strategy and approaches.
– Contribute to the monitoring of national and international consultants in close consultation with the ILO Office;
– Perform any other related duties required for the project’s satisfactory progress and delivery.

Technical Delivery:
– Identify and contract national and international consultants to ensure that capacity building and technical guidance is provided as required to the direct and ultimate beneficiaries.
– Conduct training seminars, workshops and technical meetings at enterprise level according to the strategy given in the project framework
– Establish innovative service delivery modalities and capacities including the required specialised technical expertise to deliver the project activities.
– Develop agreements with service providers that regulate the support the programme will provide in terms of tools, capacity and market development, as well as the implementation of such agreements.
– Document good practices and lessons to be learnt and how, and present the programme’s experience and good practices at national forums.
– Participate, where possible, in advocacy meetings and provide, as appropriate, technical advice for the formulation and implementation of national policies that contribute in enhancing the impact of responsible workplace practices in the country;
– Promote, as appropriate, the Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (MNE Declaration) and relevant ILO Conventions.
– Ensure coordination of activities under One UN
– Mobilize public and private sector contributions (financial and in-kind) to ensure sustainability and expansion of third party service delivery and dissemination of good practices;

Required Skills:

– High standards of integrity, professionalism, personal discipline;
– Demonstrated ability to implement and manage technical co-operation projects of international organizations;
– Demonstrated ability to provide business training and skills counselling; TQM; productivity and competitiveness
– Familiarity with UN procedures would be an advantage;
– Ability to influence decision makers and negotiate with governments, workers and employers organisations (EFP and PWF) and also sector specific organisations;
– Ability to manage in a coherent manner and monitor several activities, budgets and work plans at the same time;
– Ability to lead technical missions and to provide technical advice for business management training;
– Ability to design research techniques and analyse practices and data sets covering a wide range of issues in relation to workplace practices and competitiveness;
– Ability to work independently with a minimum of supervision;
– Ability to train, guide and coordinate the work of project staff;
– Ability to prepare reports and publications of a high quality, technically sound with conclusions leading to an action plan and programme development;
– Proficient in basic computer software (Word, Power point, Excel).

Qualifications Requirements:
– First level university degree in Project management, economics, social science or relevant field with demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the relevant technical field

– A minimum of two years of relevant experience in project management and implementation
– Knowledge and experience of dialogue driven enterprise upgrading
– Broad knowledge and experience in small and medium enterprise development
– Work experience related to labour compliance would be an asset

– Excellent communication and writing skills, both in English and Urdu. Good knowledge of Punjabi would be preferred.

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