Mar 062010
jobs in Military Engineering Services Jobs

jobs in Military Engineering Services Jobs

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  1. i am diploma holder and i am civil engineer. i want job in mes

  2. salam
    dear sir
    i am Maqsood Raza
    i am diploma holder in Electrical . And i am working a Compane Engineering And Allied Service Enterprise two year worl now
    i am wating u replay me email

  3. Aslam-o-Alaikum
    Respectfully Sir,
    I am Kamran Ali s/o Khuda Bux Panhwer
    R/O H.No:1450A, Street.No:01,
    Near Aqsa Mosque, Bhansinghabad,
    Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan,

    I am Diploma Holder in Electrical Field,
    I have work experience in sugar industry,
    private/ government contactor,
    Teaching in BBSYDP electrician course,
    Teaching in navtec as instructor electrician,
    I have total experience in electrical field about

    now I am watching electrical field, I am waiting for
    ur answer sir u give me a chance.

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