Nov 192013

Pakistan PSO Internship Program 2014

Pakistan PSO Internship Program 2014 jobs

Pakistan PSO Internship Program 2014

As one of the most prestigious organizations of the country PSO offers Pakistan’s biggest and most comprehensive internship program accommodating 150 students from universities across Pakistan. We offer two internship programs during a year that are scheduled for summer during June – July & winter over the months of December – January, for a period of 4-6 weeks. At PSO we promote young professionals who can bring significant change and are given assignments that encompass a great deal of responsibility and autonomy. The company invests in hands-on-learning of interns for a specific period during their academic program to give them exposure to a professional working environment.
Selection Process
Universities are requested to send in their nominations for PSO internship. Students are then given an initial assessment test and only successful participants go through interviews before the final selection. The deadline to submit applications is 20 November 2013.

* Please note that CVs given directly by the student would not be considered for the internship.

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