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Punishment of Burmese Army of Rohingya Muslims

Punishment of Burmese Army of Rohingya Muslims

روہنگیا مسلمانوں کے قتل عام پر ملوث برمی فوج اور بدھ غنڈوئوں کو عذاب الٰہی نے گھیر لیا

Mysteriously sentenced to the death of Myanmar’s army and Buddhist Muslims involved in the killing of Rohingya Muslims.

According to the details, the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar have been severely punished as cutting carrots and carpenters and Buddhists, and deuteronomy camels have covered the springs of Myanmar, while the Burmese army and Gandhunpur are also in the temple The invaders of the Batman robbers have begun. Myanmar, Myanmar’s army, Myanmar’s army breaking the mountain of oppression on poor Muslims and Rohingya Muslims Looking forward to running away from the bat. Can be seen in the video: The ghost of the devil’s batons has been imposed on Myanmar’s airports. It is clear that before a Buddhist leader in Myanmar, he is suffering from a rare disease which has not only ordered the massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar but also has been involved in the murder of dozens of Muslims. His body began to appear on the fingers and then in a few days his whole body was filled with these bellies. It is believed that where the state of Myanmar ranks.

The majority population is Muslim, at that time Buddha and Burmese army have been compelled and displaced. Thousands of Muslim youth have been separated from their body by killing them, while children, old men and women are not being forgiven. Rohingya has not been able to see any practical move from the Islamic world on the condition of Muslims, while Muslims of state-owned state-of-the-art rivals are being burned and supervised and supervised by the Burmese army, Buddhist Muslims and religious massacres I’m busy..You can watch the video too.