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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Job Islamabad, Procurement and Administrative Assistant

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Job Islamabad, Procurement and Administrative Assistant

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime – UNODC Country Office for Pakistan (COPAK) is tasked with assisting Pakistan through its Country Programme with a focus on needs related to illicit trafficking and border management, criminal justice and drug demand reduction and HIV/AIDS. In order to manage the volume of work and to fulfill procurement, administrative and logistical needs efficiently, UNODC Pakistan requires the services of a Procurement and Administrative Assistant with experience in purchasing, repair & maintenance, supervision of janitorial staff and office supply management.

Assignment Objective:
– The position will manage the purchasing of goods and services, follow up of procurement activities, repair and maintenance related activities in civil, mechanical and electrical areas. Procurement and Administrative Assistant will support the administration and procurement section under supervision of procurement officer, he/she will report to the Procurement Officer.

– The Procurement and Administrative Assistant will undertake the following duties and responsibilities.

Procurement Responsibilities:
– Ensure, conduct and deliver all small procurement responsibly in a timely, efficient and effective manner.
– Provide assistance and support to the procurement unit in all aspects.
– Maintain a list of procurement activities carried out throughout the year along with the corresponding payment records.
– Maintain a proper and well organized data of procurement section both electronically and hard filing.
– Enforcing office-wide procedures (including workflows) for the procurement of goods and services.
– Analyze and manage the current network of local logistics service providers for the supply of goods and services.

Administration Responsibilities:
– Ensures provision of timely, efficient and appropriate delivery of administrative services as well as upkeep of office premises, property/equipment and supplies.
– Ensure maintenance and repair of office equipment.
– Maintain office supplies, stationery, fuel and other building maintenance related items, ensure proper maintenance/upkeep of office premises.
– Ensures provision of proper administrative arrangements / facilities / logistics for meetings, workshops, seminars etc.
– Ensures Admin related contracts for provision of services (Lease agreements for office premises, cleaning/handyman, air-conditioning, maintenance of equipment, provision of drinking water, fuel, transport maintenance and repair etc).
– Organize office storage space, allocation of space to various sub-programmes and its proper usage in the main building.
– Perform other duties as may be required.

Qualifications & Experience:
– Secondary Education with at least 4 years of professional experience; experience with an international organization is desirable. Experience in Procurement, administration and supply management is desirable. Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English, with good analytical and communication skills. Proficiency in the use of information technology (word processing, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and data management) Familiarity with UNODC and UN Secretariat processes and documentation would be an advantage.

Procurement and Administrative Assistant will need to be based in Country Office Pakistan, UNODC in order to complete the deliverables required under this position.

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