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Dec 132012
Kayseria’s Winter 2013 Designer Collection

Kayseria’s Winter 2013 Designer Collection


Kayseria’s Winter 2013 Designer Collection Fashion

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Nov 092012

Kayseria’s Latest Winter Prints 2013-14

Kayserias Latest Winter Prints 2013 14 Fashion

Kayseria’s Wonders of Winter comprises of three unique themes each with its own aesthetic and character:

i. Native Spirit: Taking inspiration from the rich ethnic culture of the tribal areas, the native spirit brings together the colors and aesthetics of the natives. The prints and colors of this theme give that warm look and feel of the winter season which is desired by the women.

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Oct 182012
Kayseria Winter Dress Collection 2012 for Women - 3_0

Kayseria Winter Collection 2013 Eid Women Designs

Kayseria by Bareeze is a fashion label by Sefam Groups Pvt. Ltd who has been offering unique fashion dresses since year 1985. Kayseria has always mesmerized their lovers with unique trend of fashion with stunning stitching styles. Kayseria offers casual wear and ready to wear outfits for every season as well as formal wear dresses for every occasion.

Kayseria is back with Kayseria winter collection 2012 for young and modern girls. Kayseria winter collection 2012 has launched with a label of Wonders of Winter. As we know that the winter season is almost at our door step and this beautiful winter collection by Kayseria has launched according to the atmosphere.


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