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PCS-PMS 2010-2011 examination, Results, Notes Study Materials 2010-2011

CSS Notes, Exams | PCS Notes, Essay

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Default PCS-PMS 2010-2011 examination, Results, Notes Study Materials 2010-2011

PCS-PMS 2010-2011 examination, Results, Notes Study Materials 2010-2011

ear aspirants,
As a humble contributor to this site,this is my duty to tell all of you regarding PCS/PMS examination n its preparation techniques.My focus will be on objective type questions since you are supposed to be well-versed in subjective part.
To add to your knowledge,I ve been a PCS officer,served as both Section Officer and as a Magistrate--means I did PCS for two times.So these informations are from a credible source,rest assured.
I will start from Pakistan Studies.I will categorize the subject into the parts and then suggest the relevant books.
1)Reawakening Movements(Mujadid Alf Sani etc)--Plz read DAIRA-E-MARUFE-ISLAMIA,an urdu encyclopadia available in all good libraries.For example you want to get info abt Shah Waliullah,go to the relevant alphabet of urdu(sheen),pick out Shah Waliullah,s name and get a comprehensive knoledge abt him,his age,his books,achievements etc.
2)Pakistan Movement--either read I H QURESHI,s Struggle for pakistan or BRITISH RAJ IN INDIA.Read intensively--even you should be able to differentiate between the clauses of lucknow pact and delhi resolution.
3)Post Partition History---there r two good books for PCS.Read Shiekh Rafique,s TAREEKH-E-PAKISTAN 1947 TA 1988 or go for Lawrenece Ziring,s 50 YEARS OF PAKISTAN.
4)Economy of Pakistan---read current ECONOMIC SURVEY OF PAKISTAN.iT WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM THE LIBRARIES OR GO TO WWW.PAKISTAN.GOV.PK log on further to Finance Div link.You will find it meticulously all the policies of the government.You will find there all the relevant govt policies n statistics.
5)Foreign policy of Pakistan--read a book by any good author which is available for MA POLITICAL SCINCE,S paper--PAKISTAN,S FOREIGN it in urdu or english but focus should be on the history of major pacts,Pakistan,s role in major organizations etc.
6)Geography---simply do map reading from ORBIS ATLAS.Map reading is advised here.
7)Society and culture--there is no good book available but i got info from diff sources.I can help u in this regard.
8)Current Scenario--read newspaper and good periodicals.


1)Quranic Verses---Some 10 to 15 ayat are given in the exam and a word from the ayat is underlined with four options therein and the meaning of that arabic word is asked.--It is advised that Quran-Pak should be read with translation and 3oth para may be read out.
2)Muslim Personalities--muslim scientists,warriors,philosophers and other notables in the islamic history and the attached information is often asked.--Read Islamee Encyclopadia by SYED QASIM MEHMOOD.I advise all of you to have a copy of it or go to good libraries for it.
3) Islamic Countries---info abt Islamic countries,their currencies,capitals,historical events etc is also asked in the examination.--Same Encyclopadia is relevant for it.
4)Terminology of FIQHA---Terms like ESTEHSAAN,TALAQ-E-BAYEN etc are asked in the examination.I advise all of you to read the said encyclopadia in detail.You will find most od terminologies in it and the rest can be searched from somewhere else.I will keep writing in this regard.
5)Islamic History---Read any good book either in urdu or english uptil KHULFA-E-RASHDEEN.But you must read it intensively.

1)World History and politics----READ WHATEVER YOU READ FOR YOUR CURRENT AFFAIRS BUT-- note down the minute details of pacts,confidence -building measures between INDIA n Pakistan etc. and read it in a way that you get and note down only relevant info.
2)World Geography---Orbis atlas or the atlas from OXFORD that is specific for Pakistan and is available from the bookshops is a good guiding book for reading maps an getting info abt the worls geography.
3)Everyday Science---Questions related to the general information of science are asked.Read any book which you read for your Every day science paper.

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