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CSS Notes, Exams | PCS Notes, Essay CSS, PCS, Commission in pakistan share exams schedule or etc regarding CSS, PCS Notes, Results

New CSS 2012-2013 Free E-Books English, CURRENT AFFAIRS, etc

CSS Notes, Exams | PCS Notes, Essay

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Default New CSS 2012-2013 Free E-Books English, CURRENT AFFAIRS, etc

1- Paragraphs & Essays (Prof. Manzoor Mirza) RS 300/-
2- Dogar's Unique Latest Essays (Prof. Mohammad Asif Qadri) RS 175/-

1- Precis Writing (Abdul Basit Jasra, Naimatullah Khan Joyia) RS 60/-
2- A Practical English Grammar (A. J. Thomson, A. V. Martinet) RS 600/-
3- Practical English Usage (Michael Swan) RS 1600/-
4- English Grammar & Composition (Nawaz Khalid, Mohammad Baqir Hussain) RS 250/-
5- English Grammar & Composition (Shabbir Hussain Chaudhry) RS 350/-
6- Dictionary of Synonyms & Antonyms (Prof. Tariq Ali Khan) RS 80/-
7- Oxford Idioms RS 800/900/

1- International Affairs (Dr. Safdar Mahmood) RS 500/-
2- Strategic Studies //Quarterly// RS 50/-
3- Contemporary Affairs (M. Imtiaz Shahid) //Quarterly// RS 300/-
4- Daily DAWN RS 13/-

1- EXAM CRAM Pakistan Affairs (Adeel Niaz) RS 300/-
2- Pakistan Affairs (M. Ikram Rabbani) RS 375/-
3- Pakistan's Foreign Policy: A Reappraisal (Shahid M. Amin) RS 495/-
4- Pakistan's Foreign Policy 1947-2005 (Abdul Sattar) RS 595/-
5- Pakistan Political Roots & Development 1947-1999 (Safdar Mahmood) RS 395/-
6- The Military & Politics in Pakistan (Hasan Askari Rizvi) RS 350/-
7- The Idea of Pakistan (Stephen Philip Cohen) RS 600/-

1- Encyclopedic Manual of Everyday Science (Dr. Rab Nawaz Samo) RS 350/-

1- Islamiat (Zahid Hussain Anjum) RS 135/-
2- Islamiat Advance bray CSS (Muhammad Imtiaz Shahid, Attiya Bano) RS 300/-
3- Islam Ka Nizam-e Hayat (Dr. Liaqat Ali Khan Niazi) RS 350/-

1- EXAM CRAM Public Administration (Asif J. Mir) RS 225/-
2- Public Administration (S. M. Shahid) RS 180/-
3- Pricples of Public Administration (Dr. Muhammad Hassan Sheikh) RS 375/-

1- Sociology (John J. Macionis) RS 350/-
2- Social Problems of Pakistan (Dr. Mohammad Khalid) RS 400/-
3- Sociology (M. Iqbal Chaudhry) RS 250/-
4- Pakistani Society (M. Iqbal Chaudhry) RS 175/-
5- EXAM CRAM Sociology MCQs (Syed Salman Hameed Kazmi) RS 90/-

1- A-One Exploring Journalism (Mirza Muhammad Yousaf) RS 200/-
2- Mass Communication (M. S. Shahid) RS 150/-
3- Mass Communications MCQs (Muhammad Asif Malik) RS 60/-
4- Journalism for CSS (Mian Muhammad Asghar) RS 120/-

1- Physical Geography of the Global Environment (H. J. Deblij, Peter O. Muller)
2- EXAM CRAM Geography (Mohammad Jahangir Sanpaal) RS 225/-

1- Pakistan: Geograohy, Economy & People (Fazle Karim Khan) RS 310/-
2- Geography of Pakistan (Prof. Nazir Ahmad Khalid)
3- The New Oxford Atlas for Pakistan RS 335/-
4- Fundamentals of Human Geography (Prof. Mian Mohammad Anwar) RS 125/-
5- World Economic and Commercial Geography (Prof. Nazeer Ahmad Khalid) RS 150/-

1- International Relations (Joshua S. Goldstein) RS 350/-
2- International Relations (Dr. Sultan Khan) RS 180/-
3- International Relations & Political Theory (Kamran Shahid) RS 295/-
4- International Relations (Parkash Chander)
5- International Relations (Muhammad Asif Malik, Raja Mansoor Ahmad) RS 135/- //objective//

1- Encyclopaedia of General Knowledge (Adeel Niaz) RS 400/-
2- General Knowledge Advance MCQs (M. Imtiaz Shahid, Attyia Bano) RS 325/-
3- General Knowledge Advance (M. Imtiaz Shahid) RS 400/-

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