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Rising of Taliban in Sawat, Pakistan | Swat Taliban Logo

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Default Rising of Taliban in Sawat, Pakistan | Swat Taliban Logo

Rising of Taliban in Sawat, Pakistan | Swat Taliban Logo

For a long time Pakistanis have had their eyes wide shut to the plight of the brave people inhabiting Sawat, Dir, Chitral and other areas of Malakand Division and ignored the ominous signs that Taliban militants were steadily increasing their power. Talibans do not have any hidden agenda Ė their professed aim is to impose their peculiar kind of social values and laws on people to rule over them by force. The fault lies with successive governments for failing to comprehend the aims of these militants who have grown so strong that they are prepared to wage war to establish state within a state. When operations were begun against militant forces in northern areas, this gave an opportunity to forces in Malakand to begin an insurrection. The will of the state was also weak. At the same time success of local militants led to an influx into Swat of like-minded forces from other parts of Pakistan. Local population has suffered and many have been thrown out of their homes by migrants. Even ANP leaders, who have worked for Pakhtoons zealously over the years admit that these people are Ďaliensí and do not follow any of the Pakhtoon traditions.

Talibans terrorising the people has made the government so powerless that Swatis and Chitralis, apart from being in shock are disillusioned, justifiably so, as the state has failed to protect them. They are Pakistanis and just as much entitled to the state security as any other citizen, and ask whether state machinery would have been helpless had the militants attacked people of Lahore and Karachi, kicked them out of their abodes and tried to transform their way of life after the chain of insurgencies that erupted in Pakistan After the incident of 9/11, the insurgency in Sawat has become not only important but eminent. The emergence of Taliban in the region and their subsequent violation of the governmental writ has raised many questions on the future law and order situation in Pakistan.

Swat Taliban Logo

Although a peace deal has been concluded with the Taliban in Sawat but the writ of the government has not yet been established in this Taliban dominated area. Despite the concrete efforts and operations by the Army, Taliban are still looming large in the area with no prospects of normalcy in the region. Sawat situation is being deemed by many circles as a critical situation that is boasting the Talibanization process in Pakistan. The process can be seen in its mild but increasing shape in many other parts of NWFP, where Taliban have started increasing their activities. The victory of Taliban in Sawat has exposed the duality of the governmental system in the country the extent that now the people of Sawat are ready to accept the Taliban version of Islamic Sharia, not specifically for the religious reasons but for giving an end to their miseries, inflicted upon them by Taliban even in the presence of the governmental functionaries. The victorious Taliban in Sawat are unbridled in the valley now and the person of the area along with complete Pakistani social fabric is at their mercy.

Causes of the Rise of Taliban in Sawat

Some of the important causes that gave a free hand for Taliban to increase their power inside Sawat are:-

* Lack of the initial attention which was required to check the growth of Taliban was not shown by the government in Sawat. The situation gave a free hand to Taliban in the region to increase their power to the present levels.
* Lack of political well on the part of different political parties functioning in Sawat also added fuel to the fire of Taliban.
* The US attacks in Bajawar agency is another important reason for the Talibanization of Sawat.
* Talibanís control over the electronic media like FM radio played a vital role in the spread of the Taliban power in the Sawat valley.
* Hesitation on the part of government to take an early action is also one of the reason to give enough room to Taliban, who through their traditional tactics of terrorist groups compelled the people to come to their terms.
* Mixing of the popular cultural traditions with the Islamic teachings proved another reason for the emergence of Taliban in Sawat, as this posture let the Taliban to grab the popular support in the area.
* Electronic media also played an important role in boasting the Taliban as heroes in the initial phase of the operation, which gave Taliban an upper hand in comparison with the security agencies.
* Involvement of the foreign elements in Sawat, who are helping Taliban in money and material, is another important cause that helped Taliban to increase their force.
* Law enforcement agencies were neither trained for guerrilla warfare nor mentally ready to combat with fellow Muslims on Pakistan soil and therefore these militants got the opportunity to spread.

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