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German Ambassador Martin Cobler Visited Peshawar

German Ambassador Martin Cobler Visited Peshawar

جرمن سفیر نے ایسے شہر کی عام سی دکان میں جاکر

German Ambassador Martin Cobler visited various parts of Peshawar and cut hair from the barber. According to the details, German ambassador Martin Kovaler, who was deployed in Pakistan, visited Peshawar, without fear of security without shopping, and hair from a common barber.

Apart from this, the German ambassador met with the Additional Chief Secretary FATA, visited the Afghan refugee camp in Nowshera and has also announced financial assistance on the visit of the Medical Medical Complex. Germany’s first ambassador to Pakistan. S traveled from Rawalpindi to Gujranwala train. In a speech to the President of House of Representatives and Gujranwala in Gujranwala, Punjab Province, the German ambassador said that the purpose of train ambassadors is to convey the message to all businessmen in the world that Pakistan is safe and secure in every way including business activities. He said that there are old and strong trade ties between Germany and Pakistan. They need to pay both key chambers and chambers to make these relations more stable. He said that deployment in my Pakistan is just five weeks now. It’s my first visit outside Islamabad, so I’ve come to learn from you.

German government wants to help you to educate youth in Pakistan. In spite of security concerns in Pakistan, diplomats and foreign guests prefer to travel in bullet-proof vehicles in tough security, but German ambassador likes this Traveling on a Pakistani train is very appreciated, common. People say that this move will help the international impression of being unsafe in Pakistan.