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Pakistan Mard e Mujahid

Pakistan Mard e Mujahid

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Asalam aliequm how are you

I remember reading about Allama Iqbals’s work, back when I was in class 7. How he managed to rouse a sleeping nation with his words. He might not have lobbied with officials and politicians as much as the others, but his words and sonnets penetrated the dormant desire of freedom and to fight in the hearts of the Muslim populace of the subcontinent back in the early 20th century.

Others have followed after him, with the sole purpose of educating and awakening the stalwarts and their comrades to fight, to pull up their socks and step up to the plate.

To all Pakistanis out there….there has been enough turmoil and catastrophe in our land already. I wonder when the Mard-e-Mujahid will wake up again. Enough has been lost. I hope someone out there, who has the potential and the resources to start a mass revolution gets a spark, a “go” from my poem….God bless Pakistan…Ameen.

Too kon hay jo kinaray pay khara hay,

Is dehekti zameen kay angaron may para hay,

Har taraf bijliyan garajteen hain teri,

Or tu ek bay khabar takhaiyul may ghira hay?

Kaan ya aankhain, kya kuch nahi tere paas?

Ghar tera lut raha, or tu maujon may para hay?

Ye hansi teri bay ikhtiar gosha gosha gunjti hay,

Per aanhon kay liye tera pura garha bhara hay?

Kyun bay-hiss hay tu, iss aag ko kyun mita nahi saqta,

Har mard-e-momin bhi to zulm say lara hay?

Aisi kya zindagi jo sirf “main” per munhisar ho,

Tu kyun ghairon kay kadmon may ja kay para hay?

Bulbul bhi jab phansta hay, jaal kaatnay ata hay poora kaafla,

Or tu ek uqaab ho kar bhi bandishon may para hay?

Kesi dolat, kesa makaan, ye kesi talaash hay teri,

Ghar banaye tu ghairon me, ye kesi zillat me ghira hay?

Jahan jamaye tunay apne qadam, aaj wo gali reza reza hay,

Roain tere apne saare or tu sirf afsos me para hay?

Wahan banaye tu pull o imarat, jahan ki aag ghar jalaye tera,

Ghulami may aisay lutf uthaye, zameer kahan hay tera?

Do lafz bol ker farz nibhanay walay, zara hosh ker kay dekh,

Aashiyanay kay liyay mehez yahi farz hai tera?

Ghairat kahan gai teri, jo khamosh khara dekhta hay,

Apne bhaiyon ka qatal, roz shab o sawera?

Maut mandrati hay tere sir par wesay hee jese aasman,

Tu kyun badd gumaan, bay khof o khatar khara hay?

Kosti hay tujhay duniya, gali deta hay tujhay ye jahaan,

Tu phir bhi apni masti may, sab bhulaye khara hay?

Shohrat kay liyay apni, jhuti khairaat karay tu,

Duniya teri munafiqat par hansay, tu kis zawiyay may gira hay?

Bhai tere kashkol uthaye, bay-bass nigahon say tujhay dekhe,

Or tu dhudkaray usay, ye kesa zulm kar raha hay?

Roz tere koochay me qayamat barpa hoti hay,

Goonj-e-dehshat har fard sunay, per tu he ghafil khara hay?

Kab karega iss tufan say hifazat, apne ghar o agosh ki,

Jab mit jaigi duniya say ye shanaakht, tu kis intezaar may khara hay?

Shayad hi koi meri sadaa sunay, k Iqbal o Quaid taraptay hain,

Unki mohabbat o hikmat, aaj shayad nah rang layegi.

Nahi badle ga ye zamana Shafaq*, ye duniya yahin doob jayegi,

Dekhte dekhte yay rangeen tasveer, supurd e khaak ho jayegi

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  1. Ayesha Shafaq Chaudary

    Walaikum salaam,

    Nice to read ur message but I am very surprised to see the hypocrisy here…you have put your name as Mard e Mujahid, someone who is a momin, yet you are using my poem with your name, I had written this poem on 10th December, 2009, and had shared it on facebook, after the Multan attack incident…Please remove my poem from your article or make the correction in your intro to this poem that its by me.

    Ayesha Shafaq Chaudary.

  2. mard e mujahid???…huh, change ur name, ur a disgrace 2 all men in the world!!!!…. this is not ur poem, bttr share smthing that is urs, this is AYESHA’S poem, n u stole this 4m her profile on facebook that she shared on 10th december 2009…..bttr remove it now or mention her name, that this is ayeshas poem…..

    dont u dare share this anywhere else, u call urself a pakistani…yet u deceive othrz by telling this is ur poem???….

  3. Hello Mr. Mard(less) Mujahid, Hope you’re having a fantastic day! 
    Just a heads up to all the readers (I’m pretty sure there aren’t any). The poem has been copied and was originally written by Ayesha, as she already pointed out. I know you won’t take it down because you obviously lack the moral sense, but even then its worth a try.

  4. Nice poem but dude, change this ‘My Poem’ to ‘Someones Poem’. Come up with some ideas of ur own Mr. Mard e Mujahid and stop copying others. This shows that ur not a “Mard e Mujahid” but a LOSER anyway. Next time plz make sure that the idea n the stuff u share is from ur own mind n not copied.

  5. hey there,
    and i thought our leadership is a disgrace, well i was wrong, its the poeple like u who bring our country a bad name,if wat im hearing is true, u better be carefull mister, coz 1 day ur gona end up in shit soo deep.. ALL this bullshit ur participating in isnt gona pull u out off it,im giving u 3 choices1)mention that u copied the poem from Ayesha Shafaq in ur article2)Prove that u wrote the poem urself (and keep ur article as it is, if u do so)or 3) remove this article from the web, and GET A LIFE >:(

  6. Emroz a.k.a Troublemaker

    You are a canker.. A sore that
    won’t go away.. Like herpes! You’re a putrescent mass, a walking vomit..
    You are a spineless little worm deserving nothing but the profoundest
    contempt.. You are a jerk, a cad, a weasel.. Even though I have nothing
    against weasels, and apologize for insulting nice weasels.. Your life is a monument to
    stupidity.. You are a stench, a revulsion, a big suck on a sour lemon. If you don’t like lemon .. then
    sure.. You are a bleating foal, a curdled staggering mutant dwarf smeared
    richly with the effluvia and offal accompanying your alleged birth into this
    world.. Oh my word this sentence if fucking perfect! An insensate, blinking calf,
    meaningful to nobody, abandoned by the puke-drooling, giggling beast who sired
    you and then killed himself in recognition of what he had done. Yeah! Your momma had done that

    So you like stealing poems? Oh
    well here’s one for you that I wrote

    Your daddy was a bastard,

    your mamma was a hoe,

     and you wouldn’t be here if the rubber hadn’t

    Ooh now ya gettin The
    Troublemaker on yo’ ass! 


    Dude man the F*** up !! Take the pen and paper out of
    your wife’s purse and write your own poem, coz that’s where you keep your Balls
    .. !!

    My cousin’s got a poem for ya .. So here it goes

    We don’t sing it,

    We bring the drama,

    F*** you and your madafakin mama


    Hell yea now that’s a Poem .. !!
    Emroz a.k.a Troublemaker

  7. What a farce! Seriously, what a hypocritically contradictory msg. People like you give Pakistani’s a bad name all over the world. No wonder we are ruled by people like zardari. Be a proper “mard” and give credit where it is due. Acknowledge the “real” writer of the poem and had you not blindly copied off the poem, you could have clearly seen that the writer used her pen name “shafaq” in the closing verse of the poem. Next time you decide to share an inspiring message make suree you do the “jihad” of actually writing some original stuff yourself. Chaapay maar tau buhat iss mulk main bharay huay hain. No pun intended!

  8. Well….wat I found right now is dat his above mentioned meant-to-be an “emotional speach” is not his own….its ALL copied n then pasted!!way to go man!!looks like u really put in an effort in wakening the nation!!!

  9. This is an awesome poem and i like it alot but the thing is that….you havent written it………! 
    So to begin with, its senseless douchebags like yourself who , just to see their name in the print, stoop so low as to actually copy someone’s poem from Facebook! Now listen A-hole, who gave you the permission to take all the credit for someone else’s hard-work…. huh, who?! Fuc**ing scumbags like you are a nuisance to the internet! So why don’t you take your inverted-ass and shove it back to 4chan where it always belongs!

    …………………./´¯/) ………………..,/¯../ ………………./…./ …………./´¯/’…’/´¯¯`·¸ ………./’/…/…./……./¨¯ ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’) ……………………..’…../ ……….”…………. _.·´ ……………………..( …………………………

  10. I totally agree with you! It’s your awesome poem, and no one has the right to copy it without your permission.
    Though, I do suggest that you upload your literature works on DeviantART, as they will get copyrighted there, and your work will get more exposure, thus copy-cats would get caught easily and can also be dealt legally….

  11. Ayesha Shafaq Chaudary

    what is this deviantart?

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