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The United Nations (UN) Job Islamabad, National Lead Consultant, Legal and Tenure Expert

The United Nations (UN) Job Islamabad, National Lead Consultant, Legal and Tenure Expert

Job Detail:
Under the overall managerial leadership of the FAO Representative (FAOR) in Pakistan, under the direct supervision of Assistant FAO Representative (Programme), the FAO,UN REDD legal and tenure experts and the FAO Regional Technical Advisor, with administrative support from FAO Pakistan Country Office, the National Lead Consultant will carry out the following tasks:

– Identify the functions that national institutional, legal, regulatory and policy systems need to fulfil in order to effectively implement a national REDD+ strategy in Pakistan, based on the latest relevant UNFCCC decisions (including the Warsaw Framework and relevant sections of the Lima Accord reached during COP 20 which are relevant to REDD+).
– Develop and conduct an institutional framework analysis to map the existing institutional links, roles, functions and capacities, at national and sub-national level, against the framework required for REDD+ implementation, with a focus on (but not limited to) the forest and land use sectors.
– Conduct a situational analysis on tenure and how it links to REDD+ in order to determine the gaps and inconsistencies between the existing PLR framework and the situation on the ground.
– Hold meetings and consultations with key individual informants and key interest groups as part of the institutional and PLR analyses.
– Draft an interim report, with a summary (max 10 pages), describing findings of the analyses.
– Conduct one national and two provincial level multi-stakeholder workshops to gather comments and feedback on the interim findings, and initial recommendations for follow-up actions.
– Prepare a recommendation report for legal, regulatory and institutional changes and reforms as part of a national REDD+ Readiness roadmap. The report should identify the opportunities and limitations (‘roadblocks’ and ‘bottlenecks’) to REDD+ readiness and implementation as a result of the gaps between existing and required institutional and PLR context.
– Conduct a national validation workshop with representatives of national and sub-national institutions and civil society to finalize the recommendations for legal, regulatory, institutional reforms and for legal and institutional capacity development interventions. Finalise the recommendation report based on collected inputs.
– Produce a PLR and institutional review report that summarizes the PLR and institutional framework analysis related to legal preparedness for REDD+, including land and forest tenure issues, and the recommendation report, which will undergo several iterations.

Key Performance Indicators:

Expected Outputs:
Work plan and division of responsibilities
Inventory of the PLR and institutional arrangements
Initial institutional framework analysis, PLR analysis, tenure analysis
National consultation workshop
Provincial consultation workshops (2)
Finalization of the PLR analysis
Recommendation report
Validation workshop
Circulate PLR and institutional review paper amongst stakeholders
Finalise PLR and institutional review paper

Selection Criteria:
The Lead National Consultant should demonstrate that she/he has:
– Good knowledge on the functioning of the government in general and tenure, land use and climate change/ forest policy and programmes in particular.
– Demonstrated competency in facilitating multi-stakeholder processes and stakeholder analyses.
– Good knowledge of REDD+.
– Strong network in the ministries related to tenure, land use and its management, to national development planning, environment and climate change in particular.
– Excellent insights into the functioning of the existing administration and into the institutional context around land use in Pakistan.
– Fluent in written and oral English.
– Skills in advocacy, tact, and versatility.
– Proven ability to prepare technical project reports.
– Strong analytical skills to summarize the documentation of work and analysis to the highest international standards.

Education and Experience Requirements:
– Advanced university degree in law;
– Minimum 12 (twelve) years of relevant experience related to legal issues preferably related to land tenure, forests/ environment in public, and/or development sector.

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